Need Help Shipping My Diggeridoo- Need Answer By Friday 1/27/23

I’m visiting my Mom. A few years ago, she took me to a flea market (we love flea markets and garage sales). I bought a PVC diggeridoo (It’s an Australian instrument) for $5. I wasn’t able to take it back with me. It weighs maybe two pounds. But, it’s about five feet long. Now that I am gainfully employed, I looked into shipping it. UPS wanted $306 to ship plus about $50 for wrapping and packing. I’m considering checking it as a piece of oversize luggage ( I have to look into how much that would be). I could really use advice on this. Thanks.

Here’s a listing of how to ship skis as airline baggage. A didgeridoo zipped into a skis bag ought to do fine. Fees don’t seem unreasonable. You’ll have to borrow a ski bag.

I’d be tempted to take it apart very, very carefully, with someone watching and taking copious photographs and taking notes on reassembly. Lots and lots of photos. Too many are better than too few. Label the parts with dry erase markers or masking tape labels. Then box up and ship US Postal or UPS. You can take stuff to Staples and they will box it up there. Your postal rates vary by length+width+thickness and those guys know how to tweak it to cost you the least.

Aren’t most digeridoos in one piece? I happen to have one from my aunt in Australia that she brought over about a decade ago, and there’s no visible way to take it apart. This one is only about three/three-and-a-half feet, though.

Yeah, it’s just one well crafted piece of PVC.

Thanks for clarifying. My family’s instrument was homemade, crafted by an amateur from various bits and pieces of literally PVC piping from home projects~it was great fun to play around with. So ditch the disassembly idea, back to the borrowed ski bag and airplanes.

Any decent shipping store will have cardboard tubes for shipping posters. If that’s too narrow, a rifle box will also work. As far as carry on on a plane, it’s technically above most airlines’ standard bag size, but I have gotten away with bringing in the past as it can fit in the overhead compartments lengthwise, in a similar category as skis. YMMV, but if you get past the check in the worst that can happen is they make you check it at the gate so pad accordingly.

Could you clarify: is this within the U.S. or are you shipping from Australia to the U.S.? Or…

Oh sorry. I’m in Florida and want to ship to Philadelphia.

On the USPS web site I’m seeing $30 for

Large Package, weight 3 lb 0 oz (1.361 kg), mailed on January 25

I put in a length of 63".

You should be able to buy a couple of poster tubes, tape them together, slide the thing in and there ya go.


If nothing works out for you, considering it’s PVC, cut it in half. Upon arrival at your destination, reglue with a PVC coupling. Other than aesthetics, the coupling would add about 1/2" to overall length.

You can get the best rates on You’ll need to know the actual dimensions of the package and weight. When I did a quick guess on dimensions, UPS Ground was the cheapest. You may also need a printer for the label. I’ll bet an appliance store has a free box you could cut down to the ideal size.

I second the idea of cutting the PVC, but I’d cut it close to the business end and only take that part with you. You can glue a new PVC pipe with a coupling when you get home.

I considered cutting it but the pipe has been (I assume) heated and skillfully shaped. I’d hate to lose it. Second, at my place in Philly I’d have the tools to cut this sucker. Here at Moms, I don’t.


The post office informed me that it was too long for them to ship. I need to call American Airlines and clarify some things.

Here’s their site on checking musical instruments:

Seems pretty straightforward. Perhaps you can create a case out of poster tubes cardboard boxes. Get a length of pipe insulation (gray foam) at a hardware store for padding. Those are about $3 for 5 feet and come in different diameters. A swim noodle or two from a dollar store would also work well as padding.

It’s a beauty!

That actually is one of my questions- Is a case required? Anything I could throw together would essentially be for show only. The pipe is very tough and I don’t fear it being damaged during transportation.

I’d consider cutting the legs off an old pair of jeans, sewing then together, sew shut one end, slide it in and cable tie that end shut. Tie a rope handle around the bundle and you’ll have a story to tell your kids.

Possible Hijack

For some reason, the picture of my didgeridoo on Imgur ( I put it up just to link to it for this thread) has 511 or so views. A few people have also left comments. One said

I’m curious now as to whether my owning these instruments is actually offensive. Also, I thought the correct term was aborigines and that First Nations was only correctly applied to certain indigenous folks in Canada. I remember the Kabalah fad of the 90’s. We can discuss and debate who exactly is qualified to delve into the secrets of Jewish mysticism. We can all agree, that person is not Madonna. For once, I don’t want to be like Madonna.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think I only brought one pair of jeans. I need them to wear when I fly back to Philly. :frowning:

Local Thrift Store! Probably in the $5 range.

Internet people are idiots, I would know I’m one of them. This person is being combative, didgeridoo away.

First Nations is indeed a Canadianism.