Need help translating an Italian web page

A YouTube video of mine has been embedded on an Italian web site by mistake, I think. I can’t read the language, but it looks like the subject of the video (a grove of twisted poplars known locally as the Crooked Forest) got confused with another “crooked forest” in Poland. If someone who knows Italian can see if there’s any reference to my video on the page or in the comments below it, I’d appreciate it. I’m not looking for a full translation; I’d just like to know if it’s even mentioned.

*Grazie *in advance (okay, I know one word in Italian that isn’t a pasta).

Link to page at

You’re right, the article is about the Crooked Forest in Poland. The page doesn’t mention anything about your video - the line right above it just says “It’s certain that this forest is a great little show, don’t you think?”. The comments don’t say anything about the video either.

I don’t know how they got confused, the trees in the video are clearly a different species to the ones in the photos higher up the page.

Hope this helps.

Just view the page in Google Chrome - a drop-down comes up and says “This Page is in Italian - Would You Like to Translate it?”

But yes, based on Google’s translation, they have confused your video with the Crooked Forest in western Poland.

Is your video the 4:05 at the bottom?

The google translate is reasonably accurate, barring word order. “These alber” are “these trees” and I’d say “woodcutters” rather than “carpenters,” but certainly no mention of the video.

Then it’s as I suspected. Apparently, someone on the web site wasn’t paying enough attention. Thanks for your help, everyone. Much appreciated.

(Yes, my video is the embedded one, 4:05 in length. And I don’t use Chrome but I can see that would have helped here.)