Need help understanding a toxicology report

This is part of a toxicology report from an autopsy of someone I knew slightly, who died in a car crash:

Can any qualified dopers comment on what these levels mean? To what extent was this guy incapacitated by alcohol/drugs?

I’m allowed one bump - yes?

Most numbers seem to be hidden behind paywalls. However, NORML has a bit on THC blood levels and driving:

Also see this pdf.

Your “0.0420 ug/ml tetrahydrocannabinol in kidney” is 42 ng/ml, a large number.

Nordiazepam is an active metabolite to Diazepam, a drug in the Benzo class. The therapeutic levels of nordiazapam is between 0.1mcg/ml to 0.5mcg/ml…

So, he was taking diazepam (or one of the other benzos that also metabolize to this metabolite), and was currently within therapeutic levels… However, Benzos and Alcohol have a synergistic effect, where the effect of each is greater then it would be for either alone.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the link -interesting reading.

A curiosity question for someone who may know- why is there alcohol in the muscle but not in the liver?