Need Help with a German Phrase

Friends, my brother is into WW2 U-boats and has found some U-boat screen savers
some of which have the phrase Mit Verein Ten Kraften on them. Does anyone know what this translates into? I would appreciate your help.

With association Ten Kraften.

The whole phrase is in my Collins Gem German Dictionary:

mit vereinten Kräften = “having pooled resources” or “having joined forces.”

It has to be “vereinten” and not “verein ten.” I’m pretty sure “ten” isn’t a German word.

I just realized it’s still kinda vague what the phrase actually means, looking up at my post.

I think it suggests “Strength in solidarity” or “Together we are strong.” Sort of like E pluribus unum. Word-for-word it means “with unity strengthening.”


Third post – I’ll get it right. Kräften is a noun, vereinten is the adjective. Word-for-word – “with unified Strengths.”

Thanks for you help, “with unified strength” sounds correct because the screen saver also had a Latin phrase Viribus Unitis which I found the translation of as “combined might” or “united force.” I guess these phrases mean roughly the same thing. I wonder if they were mottos of the U-boat corps or the German Navy? I will have to look around naval sites. Thanks again.

No wonder. I speak German, and I was sitting there going “huh” over the Ten Kraften part.

I too was scratching my head at the word “ten”.
I should have known better.
Once had a European friend ask me why some police cars in America had the words She Riff written on the trunk.
Took me awhile to figure out what they were talking about.