Need help with FTP.

I’m having trouble changing directorys. I’ve search Google and the like for answers, but all I see is Questions unanswered. Since this is mainframe based, I can’t use FTP clients like Cute or other Windows based FTP clients. Of course I could work around it, but for the job to be automated, it has to work this way.

How does an OS/390 or DOS based FTP clients change directorys on windows based servers that are long file named? Of course I could shorten up the directory names or put them together, but let’s just say I can’t.

Example. MVS FTP client logs into Windows FTP Server:

Assume my target directory on the server is: /123/abc/Deal File

FTP winftp.ftp.ftp
cd /123/abc/Deal File >>>This doesn’t work.
cd /123/abc/DealFi~1 >>>This doesn’t work either.
cd /123/abc/dealfile >>>Nope.
cd /123/abc/DealFile >>>Uh huh.
Are FTP command interpreters incapable of resolving long directory or file names?

Sorry if this doesn’t belong here, but it’s driving me crazy.


What happens when you try to change directories one level at a time?

cd 123
cd abc

How about sticking a \ in front off the spaces?
cd Deal\ File

Yes, all the directorys work when changing from one at a time.

Good Idea with the Deal\ thing, but that didn’t work either.

cd “abc/Deal File” (with the quotes)

Thanks Gyan9!!! That worked!