Tech Savvy Dopers - Help Me Solve My FTP Problem

Greetings all - I hope somebody can help. I’m a fairly computer-savvy person but this one has got me stumped.

I’m running Windows XP Home, and I can’t get any graphical FTP clients to work. However, the command-line FTP works fine. (I can use this instead, of course, but I find graphical clients much easier and faster to work with.)

From the command prompt, I can connect to any sites, upload, download, etc. But I can’t connect to ANY sites using CuteFTP, WS_FTP, or FTP Voyager - I get a “Can’t connect” or “Connection refused” or “Error 10061” type of deal. And I don’t think that the FTP sites I’m trying to connect to have any problem with the default settings of those programs, because I’m able to connect to the same sites using CuteFTP from my PC at work. This problem only occurs on one PC, and only with graphical clients.

I have all the service packs and Windows updates.

I’m not running any firewalls - my Internet Connection Firewall service is turned off and I have no third-party firewall type stuff running.

I’ve done a complete virus scan of my PC and found none.

I was using WS_FTP successfully up until about 2 weeks ago, when the trial period ran out. Yesterday I finally got around to downloading other clients (including a different version of WS_FTP) and none of them work. So, something must have happened to my PC during that time. I download a lot of programs from the Internet, so maybe I got a Trojan of some kind? If so, Norton didn’t pick it up, and anyway this behavior isn’t what I’d expect from a Trojan.

At this point I’ve almost spent more time on this problem than it’s worth, but dammit, it’s annoying me.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Spoonbender

Try switching your FTP graphical client from PASV to PORT mode. IIRC, the command line FTP client in XP doesn’t support PASV mode, but most graphical programs default to it. That may be the difference between the command line version working and your graphical ones not.

Thanks Joey G, but that didn’t do it. This is driving me nuts.