Need help with Indian Website

At least, i think this is an Indian website. Not so much concerned what it is saying, as i am wondering the site actually is. News? Tech-stuff? Something else?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many of the links say daily news

At the bottom of the page, in English:

So I’m guessing a newspaper.

Where are these links that say daily news?

I see, thank ya.

What Bambi said.

Note that it is not a Hindi news website, it’s a Gujarati news website. Hindi is the national language, while Gujarati is language of the state of Gujarat.

Rajkot is a city in the state of Gujarat.

I did a search and came up with this:

“The Rajkot/Gujarat based daily evening gujarati newspaper-AKILA is now available in more than 70 countries as AKILA has signed up to provide hard-copy issues on Newspaperdirect’s print-on-demand network.”

“When the AKILA is at print stage the newspapers are sent via the Internet to Newspaperdirect. Newspaperdirect distributes the newspapers digitally through satellite transmission to its global network of POD station. The company currently offers the latest edition of 240 newspapers from 50 countries,in more than 30 different languages.”

Which is pretty impressive for an Indian newspaper I’ve never even heard of :slight_smile: Apparently it seems to be popular with NRIs (Non Resident Indians) in the US & UK.