Need help with Opera 7

I can’t get the email thing to work properly. In short, I hate it, or it hates me, or something.

I have two main problems. First, I don’t particularly like its data base style of presenting the email folders. To try and make it user friendly for me, I have created my normal folders and tried to create filters that will send the right emails to the right folders. The positive filters work, ie the ones that say “send all emails with ‘doodah’ in the From Header to the ‘doodah’ folder”.

However, I’d like to send everything that is not being sent to the special folders such as the “doodah” folder, to my “Inbox” folder. I figure I need to have filters like this: “send all emails that do not contain ‘doodah’ in the From Header to the ‘Inbox’ folder”. That seems to work ok, except that I get all of my sent mail from the sent mail folder appearing in my Inbox as well. So I try to create a filter that filters everything with “skogcat@email” in the From Header and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Problem number two. Whenever I open Opera and view my email folders for the first time in a session, the emails are not listed in order of sent date. So I click on the sent column and sort it how I like it. It won’t save that setting for when I next use Opera though.

Can anyone help with these? Does anyone have some tips for filters?

Have you done a search on their message board? I would imagine that it’s been covered there about a time or two.

What? You mean I’m actually supposed to work for this information? :slight_smile:

I have, but I haven’t had any time to look seriously.