Need help with the display on my TOSHIBA 46RV530U...

I recently bought a TOSHIBA 46RV530U. I have a cable HD DVR from Scientific American.

I initially had my DVR connected to the LCD through the coax cable (because that’s all I had). When I watch standard def TV it looks essentially normal at 4:3 with the black bars on the side. However, I noticed tonight while watching NBC that the sides were cut off (ie words on the edge were cut off, on Office the actors heads were half off the edge, etc).

So I figured it was shot in 16:9 and the conversion to 4:3 had cropped the edges. I got a component connector to try to get true HiDef to my TV. When I watch an HD channel through the component cables, the sides of the image are better, but now the top and bottom is cut off (ie watching football, I can’t see the score bar at the top).

With the ANT/CABLE input, my pic size choices are Natural, Theaterwide 1, Theaterwide 2, Theaterwide 3, Full.

With the component cable (Colorstream HD), my pic sizes are Natural, Theaterwide 1, Theaterwide 2, Theaterwide 3, 4:3 HD, Native.

Is there a way to get the signal through the HD input and be able to see the whole picture regardless of which type signal is coming in?


The cable box itself can output in different formats as well. Check its settings.

Ah! I think that might have been the trick.

Now HD looks great in 16:9, but when I watch a standard show in 4:3 there is a bit of distortion at the top.

Am I going to have to adjust the settings everytime I go from HD to SD?