Need ID for 80s TV show

I was talking to a friend and she was describing a television series that she remembers watching that I didn’t recognize (we’re the same age) but thought someone here might. The data, from what she recalls:

  • It was an hour-long series on Friday night. She doesn’t remember which network.
  • It was an anthology show, with 3 different and independent serial story lines on each episode (so about 20-minutes each)
  • One story line was about vampires. Another was about a cowboy who travels through time. She didn’t remember the third.
  • The three story lines didn’t have any overlapping cast members, as she recalled.
  • The show was canceled after only a handful of episodes, so none of the serial story lines were resolved.

She estimates this was in the early to mid-80s. I figured if anyone knew about this show, it would be a Doper. Any recollections or leads?

Could be Tales from the Crypt, or Tales from the Darkside, or Amazing Stories… Late 70’s would be Night Gallery.

The show was called Cliffhangers.

Cliffhangers; cancelled after 10 episodes aired. The show was on NBC from 27 Feb - 1 May 1979.

ETA: Curse you, Czarcasm! [shakes fist]

No, I’m familiar with all of those (including the Twilight Zone reboot from that time), and those all had stories that were self-contained. In her show, these story lines had recurring characters but were otherwise independent of each other, other than sharing the same programming block and wrap-around program title.

Awesome! Thank you (and Snowboarder Bo, too!). :slight_smile:

The name can now be used for the Cosby prosecution.

It had Susan Anton in it-how could I not recall it instantly? :smiley:

For once I guessed it right! Michael Nouri fan here!

C’mon now, eight minutes…that’s practically falling asleep at the switch in Cafe Society!

I blame pleasant memories of Susan Anton for at least 7 of those minutes, and finding the actual air dates for the other one.