Help ID this TV show from the late 70's/early 80's!

I remember a serial-type of show from the late 70’s/early 80’s (I was born in 73). It would have aired Sunday nights, somewhere around 8-9pm (eastern).

From what I remember (and I only remember one episode), the host was discussing superheroes. And it cut to an automotive garage/gas station, where a female superhero has been strapped to one of the automotive lifts. Then, back to the host, who starts explaining something about how superheroes can get out of traps like this.

I THINK the show aired on NBC, but I could be mistaken on that. I CAN say that it was a network show, as we didn’t have cable back then.

Any help?

While that particular scene doesn’t ring a bell, the concept sounds like the 1979 NBC show Cliffhangers! The show was an homage to movie serials. Each one hour episode consisted of three segment, each devoted to an ongoing story. There was The Curse of Dracula, The Secret Empire (which was a remake of an actual serial) and Stop Susan Williams. An exceptionally cool concept and from what I remember, especially of the Dracula segments, an exceptionally cool show that unfortunately only lasted one season. The first half of the Dracula segments have been repackaged and showed up as a movie (but not the second half which I never understood).

Completely irrelevant hijack that no one will really care about:

That show was the reason I quit Boy Scouts. Its airtime conflicted with the scout meetings.

Heh. Legends of the Superheros.

Here’s an article about the show. (Including a still-shot of Black Canary chained to the auto lift.) You’re lucky to have remembered that one episode; only two were ever shown.

I have seen a copy of this. You would be luckier if you HADN’T remembered it.

I like my answer better.

According to the people who saw Legends, I think everyone should like your answer better.

Shit, you guys are good.

Here’s MY question:

If only two episodes were ever shown, how do you know where to look, based off of that little discription I gave?

And it’s possible that I’m remembering Cliffhangers!, too.

Well, I didn’t at the time, but if one were to Google “superhero chained auto lift” then SkipMagic’s second link is the first thing that comes up.

I read that site every week–or as often has he has new articles. I’d just recently read the article I linked to, so it was still fresh in my mind. Enough so that, when you mentioned the auto-lift and the strapped-down superhero, it was the first place I checked.

Otherwise, I would have Googled it and, according to Otto, ended up at the same place, anyway.