ID this old saturday morning cartoon

Well, I guess nobody else ever saw the film I mentioned here; Oh well. But anyway, perhaps somebody could help me with this other vague recollection from my childhood.

It was a Saturday morning cartoon from the late 1970s. It was short-lived; if it lasted a year I’d be surprised. The premise had three superheroes, very loosely based off classical mythological figures protecting the earth from evil-doers. The heroes lived/worked out of an alien spaceship that was more-or-less permanently parked at the bottom of a dormant volcano (or in some craggy mountainous crater of some sort).

The three heroes were - a super-strong, invincible caucasian guy with long blond hair (based off Hercules), a super-fast asian guy (based off Hermes/Mercury), and a black woman who could shapeshift into any animal form (dunno exactly who she was supposed to be based off of).

There was also some sort of alien presence who acted like Charlie from “Charlie’s Angels” - he communicated with the heroes via a fuzzy videoscreen from some far-off place, and sent them off on their missions, but was never actually in the same room with them.

One of the tidbits that I remember about the show was that when any of the heroes went off on their missions, they were beamed out of the ship. But rather than being dematerialized/rematerialized elsewhere, beams of light would be projected from the spaceship, and the three heroes would be physically hurled through them. It looked kind of like the tube system on “Futurama” (which is what made me remember the show in the first place.)

Sooooo…anybody remember it? I already scoured “Toonopedia” to no avail.

The Freedom Force

No. I do remember that one as well, but it isn’t the one I’m thinking of. “Freedom Force” was set in ancient times. This one took place in the modern day (albiet with cartoon sci-fi elements)>

The Young Sentinels.

*** Ponder

Ding! Ding! Ding! I think we have a winner!

I remember that show, & as an animation fan, I wouldn’t exactly call it a winner.

It was bad.
Clutch Cargo bad.

In 1977, I was eight years old. My tastes were a bit…undeveloped.

I’m certain that , as with most nostalgic things, the memory of it is far more interesting than the thing itself.