Please help me identify DC heroes live action TV show

IIRC, around 1980, there was a live action DC superheroes TV show or special. The only memory of it that I have is a short segment that showed Flash running quickly through a park. He ran right through a couple having a picnic and left a footprint in their cake.


The Flash had his own show, but that was 1990 according to IMDB. Could it have been that?

Judging by the year, I’d say it was Legends of the Superheroes.

There was a live action DC heroes special in the late 70s earl 80s… someone will be along shortly with more info.

The scene with the Flash does seem reminscent of his show though.

There is no way what I am remebering happened in 1990. “Legends of the Superheroes” looks correct.

Thanks! That’s been bugging me for years.

I have copies of that and the “Roast” that aired with it. Cheesy doesn’t begin to describe them; but as a completist…

Sir Rhosis

The Roast is horriffic.

You just don’t get more WTFy than Ghetto Man…

Could it have been Shazam! ?

No, it was definitely along the lines of Superfriends, not a solo hero.

Goota love the tribute to “Retired Man” (William Schallert) in the roast.

Sir Rhosis