Need Medical Advice

A few weeks ago, I noticed a strong fishy smell coming from my armpits. I tried cleaning myself and trying different deodorants, but nothing seemed to help. I started having weird dreams about a deep underwater city of ruins and feel a strange sense of happiness and tranquility. The past week though my symptoms have gotten a lot worse. I feel tired all the time and have difficulty drinking water. The only way I can keep from vomiting is my adding an absurd amount of salt to the water. All this sodium cannot be good for me. Also, I have a weird compulsion to eat raw meat.

Can’t stand anything cooked and vegetables are just revolting to me right now. My skin always feels so dry and I must soak myself in the bath for hours each day. Sometimes when I see other humans I get a feeling of deep hatred and rage. I went to see a doctor and a few standard tests were ran. When I went into the doctor’s office for the results, the doctor looked very pale and avoided eye contact with me. I thought for sure it was going to be some sort of cancer, but instead he firmly told me to leave and didn’t tell me anything. Later, I found out that he mysteriously murder-suicided his family.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Have you been to Innsmouth recently?

Why do you ask?

I stayed there overnight during vacation a few months ago. Would not recommend, terrible scenery and couldn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

Well there you have it, then. Looks like you are in for a heaping helping of some eldritch horror.

Yum! Froglegs for dinner.