Need name of a movie


Some friends of mine recommended this movie to me maybe six months ago - I think it was on either FX or AMC.

I can’t remember who was in it, but it was about dying - and the different ways someone could die. It started with some kids in an airplane - and one kid kind of knew that the plane was going to crash. So they got off the plane and then no one believed that he predicted it. Throughout the movie his friends are dropping off like flies - all in bizarre ways.

There was a sequel to it too - but I didn’t see it.

Any ideas??

Final Destination and Final Destination 2

I didn’t see the second one but the first was laughably bad. I’m not sure I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you!!!

There was also a second sequel, Final Destination 3.


(Yes. I loved this movie. Mock me everyone. Go ahead. Mock me badly.)

I’ve only seen “2” but I loved the Rube Goldberg deaths of the people.

And there’s another one coming.

The first one had an interesting premise and played out well, the next two were just lame.

Isn’t one sequel to a movie called “Final Destination” kinda stupid, let alone two. Final Fantasy XII or whatever is just as bad.

They should do a prequel: Penultimate Destination.

I don’t have to mock you. I just have to wait for you to go to the laundromat where a pool of soapy water from an overflowing sink will roll gently across the floor, making one of the feet of an unbalanced washing machine slide a bit, letting it move millimeter by millimeter closer to a shelf on which a clock radio sits, tipping it ever-so-slowly over the edge so its power cord will snap tight, yanking the plug from the socket and caroming it off a jar of another patron’s quarters, scattering them and making one roll determinedly across the entire length of the floor and triggering a mousetrap that will snap harshly, startling a young child into letting go of his county-fair helium balloon that will drift upward toward a ceiling fan that will become tangled by the balloon’s string and begin spitting sparks and become dislodged from its mount and crash to the floor, whilring blades missing you by inches and startling you enough that you jump away defensively and fail to notice the out-of-control cement truck that smashes through the front window and crushes you.
Then I’ll mock you.

Bryan, I think I love you. :smiley: