need of map of Beirut that shows where the bombing is

I keep reading that the southern Beirut is being bombed, Shiite neighborhoods, Hizbollah strongholds, etc.

Has anyone seen a map published that shows metropolitan Beirut and marks the areas that Israel is attacking. It is hard to tell whether it is 1% of the city, 10% of the city or what.

I DO NOT want to debate the war in Lebanon here – that is being done over in GD. I just want access to an accurate map.


They used to have a fine world wide map. Lots of details.

Here’s one; the dark grey areas are the targets.

And here is one showing the approximate area of northern Israel subject to Hezbollah rocket attack.

Since I can’t read russian, I have no idea what biases drive the posters on that message board. As always, I found them on the Internet, so they just might be correct.

Here’s one.