Need podcast recs!

I work in an office all alone, for about 85% of the day. I Netflix, and play music, but I really dig podcasting lately. I’m up-to-date on everything I listen to, though, so I need some more! Your suggestions are welcome.
My tastes are pretty varied, from horror to comedy, high brow to junk. Some examples of my pod-history:
I just binged We’re Alive, which I love. (Side note: why isn’t there a discussion thread for this???) and was introduced to Scott Sigler based on some previous pointers here. I love love love serials.
I’ve been digging the npr shows, like Wait, Wait and This American Life, and I’ve tried The Big Broadcast, but it’s kinda frustrating. Love the old radio show format, don’t like the piecemeal structure.
I think I have heard every single War of the Roses type, and was subscribed to Mark Marone’s and Aisha Tyler’s podcasts, but I’ve fallen off of those.

I’m currently listening to:

The Classic Tales Podcast with BJ Harrison
How Did This Get Made?
Comedy Bang Bang
The Nerdist
Welcome to Nightvale

Basically comedy and storytelling. Check them out if you haven’t yet.

Ah, Nightvale. Forgot to add that. I love that quirky cast!

My current subscription list…

CBC Radio programs on podcast:
The Vinyl Cafe (Stuart McLean’s stories and some eclectic music)
Quirks and Quarks (Science interviews)
Laugh out Loud (Stand-up comedy)
Comedy Factory (Sketch comedy and random CBC columns.)

Storywonk podcasts; all about writing and what it means to be a storyteller.
Stuff you should know: general information, spin-off from the ‘How stuff works’ website family (under the Discovery Channel umbrella now.)

That’s pretty much it. Heard good stuff about Nightvale but haven’t checked it out yet. Straight Dope podcast used to be on the list, but it’s on indefinite hiatus now, yeah? :wink:

If you’re at all interested in history, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is not to be missed. I’m not sure how far back it’s available on iTunes, but the “History Under the Influence” episode is classic, as is one of his earlier “audiobook” style series, “Ghosts of the Ostfront.”

Also good for history is the aptly named History of Rome, which discusses… well, you can probably guess. The same podcaster has recently started a new podcast, Revolutions, about… well. The first revolution discussed is the English Civil Wars, which is about an episode away from wrapping up.

Slate’s Political Gabfest is good. The Culture Gabfest is also probably good, but finally got on my nerves so much that I stopped listening. Hang Up and Listen, their sports podcast, is also supposed to be good; I stopped listening to that because I got tired of them spending time every week talking about basketball and/or football, because fuck sports with orange and/or brown balls. :stuck_out_tongue:

My current list:

The Archers - BBC radio soap set in a farming community. It’s been running for over half a century now, and is highly addictive. Episodes are about 12 minutes long and air every day except Saturday. If you like The Archers, also be sure to subscribe to **Ambridge Extra **as every now and then they run parallel stories to the main action which are often a bit more fraught with conflict and dramatic tension than the main show. Ambridge Extra is only done a few times a year on a Tues/Thurs release basis.

**Comedy of the Week **and Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4 - The latter is usually a news-based satirical show; they tend to alternative between a few weeks of The News Quiz which is a comedy panel show and The Now Show which is more free-form, but occasionally they slip something else in. The Comedy of the Week is usually an episode of some half-hour radio comedy BBC Radio 4 have done, but rarely the same show twice. Some of them are extremely funny; others…aren’t. Worth a subscription even if you get the odd duff episode.

International Waters - a comedy panel show pitting US comedians against comedians from other countries (usually the UK). Very loose and often sweary.

Judge John Hodgman - yes, that John Hodgman. He’s a judge, adjudicating over minor personal squabbles and rendering surprisingly good decisions most of the time. A fair amount of humor is involved but it’s not intrinsically comic.

NPR: Ask Me Another and NPR: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me - more comedy quiz shows. The first is offbeat trivia, the second is current events with a panel of funny people.

The Memory Palace - actual stories from obscure bits of history, with a very humanizing tone. Beautifully written and delivered, but very short and very infrequent.

Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff for Five to Ten Minutes On Average - two guys who write and perform comedy songs talking about, well, stuff. Not everyone’s cup of tea but there you go.

**Reduced Shakespeare Company podcast **- A mix of funny and serious commentary, interviews, excerpts etc from behind the scenes of the funnier of the RSCs. Recommended if you have any interest in the business of theatre at all, or just like the RSC’s work.

**Savage Lovecast **- Dan Savage gives relationship and sex advice to callers. Mostly I listen because it’s fascinating the sort of things people get up to and problems they have. My life is so boring by comparison. But I digress.

This American Life - already mentioned above.

Radiolab from WNYC - Science-y stuff. I know the unique editing style drives some people up a wall but I find it fascinating.

Came to rec Hardcore History. If you like it, Dan Carlin’s Common Sense is politics, but in his quirky revisionist way.

Stuff You Missed in History Class - Short form history, large variety of subjects. Check out the Alan L Hart episode.

History Chicks - Long form, if that appeals to you, very conventional subjects. Check out The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

99% Invisible - Short form, ecclectic. Supposed to be an architecture podcast, but is not in any way about architecture. Check out Heyoon.

Have you seen the current thread Does Anyone Else Find Podcasting As Irritating As All Heck?

Several people in that thread mention podcasts they enjoy/recommend.

I don’t really listen to podcasts but I do enjoy this one. Even for films I haven’t seen, it’s usually pretty funny.

(Link added by me)

BBC Radio 4 has a lot of interesting stuff both current and archived.

I think if you are overseas you still get access to the radio stuff but not the full TV iPlayer.

Assuming you can then try “the infinite monkey cage” which is a mix of humour, science and philosophy, “more or less” looks at stats and maths in politics and society. “the life scientific” is long series of talks with respected scientist. “the Reith lectures” are an archive of long (2+ hours) lectures given to the BBC annually by the great and the good. They cover a wide range of subjects.

Another favourite is “The Bugle” satirical comedy on current events and associated nonsense with a transatlantic flavour.
Here are the first 170+ episodes
Here are the rest

Under the Influence is all about advertising and marketing, and it’s really interesting. :slight_smile:

Comedy podcasts I enjoy:

Sick and Wrong lives up to the description. Dee and Lance are a good duo.
The Complete Guide To Everything A podcast about. . .everything. Tim and Tom.
Pop Comedy about current cultural stuff. Tim and Tom.


Skeptics’ Guide To The Universe I never miss it. Science and rational thinking presented in a fun way.

If you like This American Life:

Radiolab - TAL with a bent towards science.
Planet Money - TAL for economics.
The Moth - people telling true stories live.

WTF with Marc Maron - best interview show ever, originally only featuring comics (Marc Maron is a comedian) but he’s branched out to include writers, directors, musicians, etc.

The aforementioned Skeptics Guide to the Universe is my favorite.

  1. Comedy Bang Bang
  2. Nerd Poker - Comedian Brian Posehn and friends play Dungeons and Dragons

Anyone who likes Stuff You Should Know would probably also like the somewhat more morbid but essentially very similar Caustic Soda podcast.

I’d like to add Risk with Kevin Allison. Storytelling involving sex, kink, fetishes and all kinds of crazy sexual relationships. One of my favorites next to This American Life, Freakonomics and Radiolab.