Need quote from Conversations with Billy Wilder

I own the book Conversations with Billy Wilder, but it’s currently out of my possession. I have a very vague recollection of a quote from that book, and I was hoping someone who has it handy could look it up.

Wilder was philosophizing on the writing process, and said that all his films start with a very basic but provocative premise that can be summed up in one line. I believe he cited The Apartment as an example of a story that was birthed from a curiosity-inducing log line .

Anyway, if anybody can help me find that quote, I’d appreciate it.

Okay, I think I found my answer, in what appears to be Roger Ebert’s Movie Answer Man column (although I can’t seem to find it in his archives).
And it’s not from Wilder directly, but from Cameron Crowe.