Need Ragtime Titles & Lyrics, c1910-18

For my next book, I want to open the chapter headings with appropriate titles and perhaps a line or two from popular tunes of the 1910s (yes, I will clear this with ASCAP to avoid lawsuits!). I can find lots of “Irving Berlin” sites online, but does anyone know of good general titles/lyrics websites where I might find more obscure numbers (say, “When You Hear that Raggy Refrain,” “Take Me to the Land of Jazz,” “All the Boys Love Mary,” “Good-bye-ee!” etc.)? Titles and lyrics would be hugely helpful.

I can (and will!) peruse my own collection of 78s, but if there are any ragtime-lyrics websites you know of, I’ll be your Best Friend Forever and give you an acknowledgement in the book . . .

–That Ragtime Cabaret Girl

Ask Perfessor Bill:

Ooooh, thanks–I will forward that to work so I can goof off . . . I mean, do book research during my free moments!

Any others?

What about “I Could Love a Million Girls”-the song playing when Stanford White was shot by Harry K. Thaw, in 1906. The ultimate Ragtime moment. I did my thesis on the case.

Halcyon Days Music seems like it might have what you’re looking for. They have gorgeous pictures of sheet music covers as well.

The newsgroup could be useful if you have any songs in mind you can’t find lyrics for. You can search the archived posts through Google. Just plug in a song name and you’ll probably find that someone has posted the lyrics for it at one time or another.

Thanks, Nan—sites duly bookmarked for when I have a free moment. What I’ll be looking for are titles or lyrics pertinent to what’s going on in the chapter, for a heading.

Sadly, Guin, “I Could Love a Million Girls” won’t be pertinent anywhere!