Need Simpsons Season 2 Treehouse of Horror: How?

Thanks! I knew someone here could help me find it. I might still buy the DVD set if I can find a cheap enough one on eBay (but I’m not going to ask the school to pay for it). Much obliged.

Why do you think that’s legally posted online? I think this violates your initial request to get a legal copy.

It’s not legally posted online? Then I won’t use it.

I know for a while they had Simpsons DVDs out that were grouped by subject. I know they did a couple of the Halloween specials, though I wouldn’t know if they had this particular one. They were only 5-10 each so you might be able to find a copy of that.

The one compilation of the Treehouse of Horror I found had the later 5 or so but not the first ones. I am hoping to win an eBay auction for the second season DVDs, so that would solve the problem.

That site merely collects links to thinks hosted elsewhere (at least that’s what I think it does, the FAQ isn’t clear). It doesn’t check to see if things are posted legally, and just asks that people don’t post entire episodes. But I think they’re skirting the legalities by saying that they aren’t hosting any files.

It doesn’t look like that particular epsiode is available on DVD.

It does seem to be available on used VHS, but the lowest price is $8.33, and there’s no point paying that if you can get the Complete Second Season on DVD for almost the same price (right now the lowest “used” price on Amazon is $8.98, plus $2.98 shipping).

To get it any cheaper, you might have to scour the local used video stores to see if they have a cheap copy of the VHS video I linked to above; or see if one of your TV channels will be showing that episode in syndication anytime soon and record it; or see if a friend, neighbor, or co-worker has the DVD set and will let you borrow it.

With some shows, you can purchase downloads of individual episodes from, but that doesn’t appear to be the case with The Simpsons.

I think it is fair to say that NO Simpsons clip is legally posted online.

Regardless, I think usedtobe has it the closest:

Since you want to show the whole segment, if the “Raven” segment is considered a separate work you’d probably need the copyright owners permission to use it in class, no matter what. If it isn’t considered a distinct work, you are probably safe under “fair use”, showing it in a classroom setting, so long as your procure a legal copy. IANAL.

Why would it be a separate work? It’s 6 minutes of a 24 minute TV show.

I’m not sure why this “is it a separate work” question is even an issue. I couldn’t find anything about that in the fair use rules. I posted those above. If I had a legally made DVD of the clip, I believe it would be totally legal for me to show it under those rules. If someone thinks otherwise, I’d like a cite for it and not vague “IANAL, but you’re doing something wrong IMO” comments. Otherwise, I’d like to drop the subject.

I can see how it can be argued to be a separate and distinct work. First of all, it is titled. Watch the clip linked to in this discussion, in the first minute, before the actual poem begins (@ -6:26) “The Raven” appears on the screen. Finally, and most damning for it being a separate work, if you watch the credits (@ -0:35) “The Raven” is separately credited with a writer, director, storyboard, etc.

Sorry, but that does seem to imply that usedtobe’s original assumption was correct. Again, IANAL so don’t take my word to be correct. My only knowledge of copyright law comes from the fact that I study - casually - some aspects of copyright law in grad school.

(Regardless of the fact this is GQ I will say, the original intent of copyright law was probably not to make the sort of thing you desire to do illegal. You are a teacher and you are attempting to teach; not make money, not sell a product, not promote anything except education. For all intensive purposes what you are trying to do should be legal and protected by law, IMHO. Again, IMHO, current copyright law, not to mention trends in copyright legislation, is not by and for the people - and that is very very sad.)

intents and purposes

beats head against wall

From Section 107 of the United States copyright act: “In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include -”

Section 107(3): “the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copy-righted work as a whole”

That is why the issue of it being considered a separate work is an issue. But since you obviously don’t want to hear that what you want to do probably falls outside the scope of fair use, I’ll refrain from any further comment.

You’re right, I don’t want to hear from a non-lawyer that it’s “probably” illegal. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. If you think the FBI should raid my school because I’m going to show a 6 minute clip from a legally obtained Simpsons DVD, fire away. Otherwise, really, can we just let it go? It seems like you’re giving me an excessively hard time about an essentially innocent question.