Need Simpsons Season 2 Treehouse of Horror: How?

In the Season 2 Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons, they parodied “The Raven,” with James Earl Jones doing the narration. I’m teaching that poem to my students and, as a Halloween treat, I wanted to show them that Simpsons clip. I don’t want to have to buy the entire Season 2 DVD set just for that one 10 minute bit. I need to get a copy legally, possibly off the internet. Any suggestions? I know next to nothing about downloading TV shows off the web. I’ve already checked iTunes and they don’t seem to have The Simpsons, though maybe I didn’t look correctly.


Why don’t you just rent the DVD, such as from Netflix, instead?

Might have to. But, if I show it every year (which I’m planning to), it would make sense to have it permanently. Also, I’m not sure which disk of the set it’s on. Anyone know?

Disk 1.

I didn’t understand The Raven at all, until I saw that episode. I expect at least some of your students will have a similar experience. It was a very effective teaching tool.

Would showing it to your students technically be a copyright violation?

We show movies in school all the time (well, I personally don’t, but it’s certainly done). If you don’t charge, it’s not a violation.

IANAL, but using it as teaching material is considered free use, and is not illegal. You should double-check with your education board, however.

BTW, I strongly recommend you buy the box set. Even if you’re not a Simpsons fan, you’ll become one after you watch it. :cool:

I’m not checking with the education board. Showing movies in school is not a copyright violation.

I’ve been watching the Simpsons since it first came out and was a fan of Matt Groening before he did the Simpsons. I just do not have a ton of cash right now and wanted to find a way to avoid buying a $30 box set just for a 10 minute clip.|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

Have no experience with this particular seller, but “simpsons treehouse horror” brought up 22 hits - take your pick.

p.s. - check with a lawyer about that “not illegal if you don’t charge” bit - that has, IIRC been incorrect for many years now… I was active in the not-always-above-boad cartoon collector circles years ago, Had to correct several of them on this exact point,

You can buy it used from Amazon Marketplace for $10.

Really? All those teachers who show movies in class are doing something illegal? I’d like a cite for that.

I’d say you’re out of luck online. It’s not on Amazon or iTunes, and Hulu only has full episodes from this season.

The closest I found was a one minute clip:

If you’re planning on using it for years, it evens out. Plus you can take it home for the rest of the year and watch the other episodes!

No chance the school will pay for it, I suppose?

You might want to read this —> Frequently Asked Questions - Regarding Copyright Compliance and Movie Usage in Schools. Be aware that this applies to movies shown in the classroom.

However, according to Grading Teachers on Copyright Law – Videotaping for the Classroom, the use of TV programs in the classroom is different. This link addresses the taping of TV programs by the school for later playback by the school.

IANAL so how this applies to TV programs on DVD is vague. What may apply to fair use with movies may not always be the same with television programs.

I feel pretty safe based on the above criteria. Now, if anyone wants to continue this discussion, I hope you will open another thread, because this is a major hijack.

See “Mickey Mouse Protection Act” - Really. The original MM episodes were about to pass the old 70 years limit, Disnay called in chips - big time. Among other things, the “not for profit” exemption was eliminated. I BELIEVE it was in the MMPA, may have been later.

Anyway, we have two things going on:
“Not for profit” - definitely bit the dust. Want to copy the latest DVD and send it free to all your family & friends? Your ass is green.
Teachers acting for students. Specific exemption - the idea was to protect teachers Xeroxing magazine articles for student (remember magazines? How quaint, huh?). You may be already covered under “fair use” (Maybe not - while a small part of the entire “Halloween” series, the “Raven” segment could be argued a separate and distinct work, in which case you are swiping the entire thing).
I’m guessing the teacher-specific exemption has you covered, even if your “fair use” defense were to be thrown out.

eta: I see you found the educational exemption.

They have the clip here. You can download it and burn it to a disc, or hook up a computer to the tv.

How far from Rhode Island are you? You can borrow mine :wink:

If your district uses United Streaming, it’s available there as well.

Rent it from Netflix; they also let you get one disk at a time.