Need some help with a good inspirational CD for my mom

My stepfather passed away before Thanksgiving. My mom’s faith is really sustaining her right now and I would love to get her a beautiful CD for Christmas. Something inspirational about God taking care of things, putting your life in God’s hands, God has a plan, etc etc.

I’m not religious myself, but I’m happy that my mom has something that helps her in this tough time. Something sweet, poppy, maybe a little country sounding is preferred. My mom is 63, so nothing TOO teenyboppy!

Something by Martina McBride, perhaps? She has a Christmas CD, I believe.

Kristin Chenoweth (from Pushing Daisies) has an album called As I Am. I haven’t heard it, but the review calls it “inspirational with a country feel”.

I do know that she has a fantastic voice.

Another suggestion: Jorma Kaukonen’s Stars In My Crown. It has several spiritual/gospel-y sounding tunes, like Heart Temporary, By The Rivers Of Babylon, No Demon, There’s A Table Sitting In Heaven, and Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown.

It has a country sound, and features some great finger-picking acoustic guitar playing (there are several instrumental tracks on the CD).

I’m not religious, but I like this album a lot.

Glory, my Mom is a phenomenal harpist and has 3 cds out, one of which is called “Sustaining Faith,” which you can listen to at the above link. If you’d like to PM an address, I’d be more than happy to send her one. Might make a nice little Christmas gift. It is all instrumental; very calming, yet uplifting.

Hi thanks for the suggestions! I think the Kristin Chenoweth album is the closest to what I need :slight_smile:

Hazle - I just wanted to give you a special thanks for offering to send one of your mom’s harp CDs. I’m not going to take you up on on it, because I was really interested in getting my mom a CD with lyrics about putting your faith in God’s hands - that’s really important to her right now (She has mentioned it several times).