Need some information on Sonic Bug Repellers

My sister just moved to Australia, and was talking about getting one of these things to help keep her home free of insect pests.

I seem to recall reading that these things didn’t work in a reputable science-orientated website, but I can’t find it now that I need it. Also, something about an 800 number being set up to report stores and websites that were selling them in America. Anyone know what site I could be thinking of?

Consumer Reports studied these things a while back. They said they don’t work. I don’t know if CR has a website or not. You could tell your sister “Rue says they don’t work.” and leave it at that.

i think cecil answered a letter on this alhtough im not sure and his statement was they dont work at all

Do Ultrasonic Bug Repellents Work? You can find most of Cecil’s columns in the archives here.