Need songs that refer to "Lola"

We have a new puppy, and we’ve named her “Lola.” NoCoolSpouseName would like a set of songs in honor of the cute little thing.

I’ve got Lola by The Kinks (Lo, lo, lo, lo, Lola; L-O-L-A) and Copacabana (At the Copa) by Barry Manilow (She was a showgirl) as well as Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets, a lovely rendition by Ella, the Queen of Soul.

What other songs should I consider? I’m looking for well-known tunes, not obscure stuff.

*Lola * by Lindsey Buckingham
Lola by Ricky Martin
Frank and Lola by Jimmy Buffett

Well, the name’s not in title or even in the song in a big way, but the Kink’s mention “her” again in ‘Paranoia’.

Nitpick…the name of the song is Destroyer.

Ah, I kinda thought maybe that wasn’t the title, shoulda looked it up. Thanks for the correction.

Whatever Lola Wants, from the musical * Damn Yankees*

Lola Falana’s Greatest Hits

Perhaps you could pick up the soundtrack to Run, Lola, Run. I believe most of it was instumental, but it could be theme music for your pup.


“Lola-Lola” from the 1959 version of “The Blue Angel.”

I was going to say that, too, but he mentioned it in his OP.

Lola by Chris Smither. You can listen to a sample of it here.

A good way to hunt up song titles is to head for All Music which is to recorded music as the Internet Movie Data Base is to movies.
Right at the top of the page is a white box labeled “Search.” Just to the right of that is a blue drop-down menu indicataor with the little up-and-down triangles on it. The default setting is “name,” used to search for the name of a performer or group, but the site is also searchable by album name and by song.

Type Lola into the searchbod, pull the drop-down menu to “song” and you’ll see Lots of songs with “Lola” in the title
It also indidcates that 180 people or groups have performed a song named Lola. Suspect that Ray Davies didn’t have that many other people record his song and you’d be right. Since titles can’t be copyrighted (The Master on the subject) you’ll find completely different songs using the title “Lola,” including one Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote for The Coasters The CD was released in 2004, so it should be available.

Happy searching.