Need suggestions for school organizing techniques for my daughter.

I need help teaching my daughter organizational techniques for coping with middle school.

The relevant facts are:

  • She is very, very smart. She gets the 99%* rating on all of her IQ. ("*" being something like “we don’t know what 100% is”.) She’s been tested in a few systems over the years, and this is consistent.

  • She entered middle school this year. She started getting F’s and D’s, instead of straight A(+).

  • She was recently diagnosed with ADD. Treatment has helped her confidence tremendously. She’s up to 3.5 GPA on her last report card. So we’re heading in the right direction.

Helping her stay on top of her work (classwork and homework) involves a tremendous amount of work from me. Daily check-ins. Sitting with her while she does her work. Check ins with the school website and the teachers.

We have tried computer programs specifically designed for tracking school work. We have tried index cards for each class. The only class or program that her school offers for teaching kids good study habits is remedial, which she is not.

To be clear, her problem with “not checking the calendar” is the ADD. I cannot just let her fail to learn. 1) Tried it and 2) She needs to learn the skills to replace the executive management processing that most people do automatically. She will have to learn rules and be vigilant her whole life.

Can anyone recommend any techniques, books, programs, ideas - anything - that will help her learn how to manage her work better? I am desperate. I cannot follow her around the rest of her life reminding her to check her calendar.