Need the famous Muhammad Ali Quote

As a long time lurker, I know that the Straight Dope Message Boards are the font of all knowledge.

I need some help please. I am looking for a good documentary on Muhammad Ali.

I need really good fight coverage, some of the more exicting press conferences, as much as possible minimal “talking head” type reviews - just the fights and the man.

Most importantly I need the famous “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” quote - preferably the first time it was used in context.

Finally, I need to be able to buy this documentary on line (for delivery to Singapore, I would be very surprised if any local shop carries it in stock.

Many many thanks :slight_smile:

A good start would be AKA Cassius Clay.

It does contain the “float like a butterfly” line, but it’s a duet with Bundini Brown. But it does have lots of vintage Ali.

When We Were Kings is a terrific documentary about Ali as well; even my then-GF, who had no interest whatsoever in boxing, was riveted by it. I don’t recall whether it has the “float like a butterly” line in it, though.

Edit: WWWK did have quite a bit of talking-head interviews; it’s probably not what you’re looking for. It is terrific, though.

When Ali had an aftershave named after him ,his biggest rival was Joe Frazier. They asked Ali why Joe did’.t get an aftershave named after him. He said an aftershave named Joe Frazier wouldn’t smell good.

“I aint got no quarrel with the Vietcong.”

Thanks for the help so far -

The “Sting” quote is absolutley critical it is the theme for our event, reason I want mostly fights is a wanna show a “visual” thing, without the need for listening to many many interviews and analysis…


Slight update - I am also looking for some 60s and 70s era “lightweight” boxing - any really good DVD to reccommend? Apologies if appear lazy, is not that cannot find the fighters etc, but want to make sure the coverage is good…


The best Ali story is centered around his long-time nemesis Joe Frazier.

(The following is based purely on recall from the Sports Illustrated article I read years ago.)

Ali and Frazier had both retired and were involved in some function with a large number of sports reporters and the like.

Frazier who harbored a genuine grudge against Ali for decades, turned to Ali and said, “You know, I was always faster than you.” And with the encouragement of the media, Frazier and Ali were put to the task of demonstrating with the heavy punching bag that happened to be nearby.

Frazier removed his jacket and started working the bag, punctuating each of his big left hooks with a loud grunt.

When it was Ali’s turn, Muhammad approached the bag, didn’t take off his jacket and then let out a large “Humph!”. He hadn’t thrown a punch and he turned to Frazier and asked, “You want to see it again Joe?”

In the hilarity that ensued, all but Frazier found the joke amusing.