Any Boxing Fans/Historians out there?

Ali-Liston II.

It’s one of the most famous and controversial because of the way it ended.

As far as I know, it was filmed from only one angle, which added to the controversy, because that angle does not clearly show the “knockout” punch.

In a recent discussion with someone, when I mentioned this, I was told that there were other (video) cameras on it that did clearly show the shot. But of course, when I pressed for details, he didn’t have any.

I have no doubt that there was a solid shot that hit Liston. You can tell that by the way his head/body reacts. But it is not obvious (from the one angle that I have ever seen) how much force was really behind it, and whether there was really hard enough to put him down and out.

Anyone with any further info on any other footage???

There’s a book on sports controversies by Bud Greenspan (I believe the title’s Play It Again, Bud). It did have photos of the fight and the punch. It’s out of print, though.