Need the help of an amateur entomologist!

Or a professional, provided he or she doesn’t charge me. Anyone who knows bugs, really!

My mother wants to know what these bugs are. I guessed some variety of Beetle:

Found them in the backyard around our beloved tomatoes, here in Eastern Ontario. Shimmery back, with a color I can best describe as “Auburn.” They can fly. Six legs each.

Any guesses? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Japanese beetles.


Agreed. They will munch on things that you don’t want them to munch on.

So, I’m noticing…

I don’t suppose any of you wise dopers have a solution for murdering my Oriental visitors, do you? The linked wikipedia article above doesn’t sound too encouraging (I.e., you can destroy the larva in 1-5 years :()

The ‘traps’ are a bad idea-- they just lure them in. There’s a fungus (?) treatment called ‘milky spore’ that will do it.