Need to find a DETAILED area code map in Wisconsin

Can any dopers point me towards a truly detailed map of the area codes in Wisconsin?

I’m not looking for broad general maps. What I need are maps that’ll take the area code borders down to street-by-street levels if I can find them that detailed. I’m not really interested in the 715 area code, but I am for the rest of them.

My google-fu must be weak, I’ve not found anything fitting my specifications thus far. Hence I turn to the Teeming Millions.

Thanks in advance!

About the closest level of detail at NANPA (North American Numbering Plan) is a breakdown of what cities are in a code.

They also have a map-based tool to show what codes are in a state.

If you need anything with closer detail, you may need to call the local telephone company business office.

I can’t find anything for free. You may need to contact NANPA directly–they’re the official administrator of area codes.


thanks anyway.

Ok, why do you need this? Just curious.

I want to study the cruel geography of a divisive new area code which cleaved a previously united realm.

And I like maps.

I’d love to find this for Illinois as well. At work our territories are grouped around base stores. Thearea each store is responsible for is dertmined by ZIP code. I want to be able to take a map and overlay exactly where each store’s territory is so the project managers can see at a glance where they work.

You can try contacting the local Baby Bell and seeing what they use as a map resource.
I tried many different searches for the information and I could not find any map hacks that included area codes.
Good luck. This is the best I could do.
This hack comes fairly Close, try it out. On a medium view setting, click on a city will shows its Time and Area Code.
This one is not as useful:
This is the search I used to get these two hacks, you can try variations on it.


Thanks Jim, but neither of those do it for me.

I really want a nice little map with a line drawn on it in enough detail to see when I drive over the boundary (or walk over it, as the case may be).

My quest is part technological, part spiritual. And sorta geeky.

My WAG is that you will need to somehow get one from the Local Bell company.
I doubt you will find one for sale or on line.

This probably isn’t detailed enough for you, but it’s the best I could find. .

A map here.

An accompanying description here.

ZIP or area code? If it’s ZIP code, you can use this, which seems pretty nifty. The USPS also used to put out a very large book with detailed ZIP information for the entire nation, but I can’t seem to find a reference to it on their website.

This may or may not help, but it gives an e-mail address where you may ask questions about area codes.

I may be making this up, because I can’t remember where or when I heard it, but, I believe area code boundries are cloudy. That way when new numbers are needed near the border they can go either way.
Not much help, sorry :rolleyes:

He’s looking for the phone area codes. He specified not needing the 715 in an earlier post.

Thanks for trying, but those just link to the very general maps.

I know detailed maps exist, I saw one in our local newspaper that clearly had it down to a very small scale, about street level, when the codes changed. I even cut out the map to save, but it went the way of many little bits of paper. Searching that newspaper’s files is unhelpful, as they didn’t seem to save all those little details like maps and graphs in their online archives.

Give me a hint of when that map appeared in the local paper? I may can find it.

Circa mid 1997, when 414 contracted, leaving 920 the new code to the north and northwest of it. Permissive date 7/26/97, mandatory 10/25/97.

Map seen in either the Milwaukee or Sheboygan paper at the time.


I was replying to MikeG, whose post I included in mine. In said post, Mike said ZIP codes.

sorry about that.

Try the local library for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin), July 13, 1997 Sunday, All, Pg. 1, 937 words, LEE BERGQUIST. I don’t promise this is the article that you saw. Report back.