Map for Postal Zones/ZIP Codes (USA)

I’m looking for a map that will show the boundaries for postal areas in selected parts of the USA. Would prefer to find it online, but in hard copy form is okay, too. Anybody know where’s the best place to look.

My Google Search returned too many choices to sort through, so maybe just the proper name for this kind of map would help.


Well, I thought that I was putting this in GQ, put I guess it might fit here as well. Sorry about that.

I found this, but it was a Google search so you probably saw it too. (It was near the top.)

Have you tried calling the Post Office? They ARE there just to help YOU, the postal customer. (And you should tell them that. That you are a postal customer. Then giggle. It might help.)

It’s a Zip Select Map, Shibb. We use them for circulation purposes all the time.

Have you tried

From ZIP Code FAQs:

So there ya go.

Well, I thought I found some online, but turns out that they’re just selling them. Not cheap, either (start at $50 and go up from there, to almost $300). Guess I’ll try at the main branch of the Public Library.

Call ahead. And if you go up to the Children’s Section say “Hi” to my sister. She’ll like that.

I’ve tried to find something like this several times in the past couple years. What I’m resigned to using is DeLorme’s Street Atlas here at work. It ain’t great, but then it’s an older version. A newer one might work better. Looks like it’s about fifty bucks, too.