Need to id a plane

Is this a c-17 globe master


What El_Kabong said.

C-17 Globemaster III. The Globemaster (no Roman numerals) was the C-74 Globemaster, from the 1940s-50s

(Although you’re not likely to see any of those flying around 70 years later, since they only built about a dozen of them.)

And they’ve all crashed or were scrapped.

And for completeness, here’s the Globemaster II which came between the original and the C-17: Douglas C-124 Globemaster II - Wikipedia

I have spent many hours riding around in a C-124 in the Far East.

We put loaded 3/4 ton trucks and flyable helicopters on at the same time & off we would go.

I did not play with tanks & stuff. But… I don’t think a tank retriever would fit as a single unit. They used ships IIRC.

These things made the world bounce when they drove by.

Tank retriever