need to install software...

got a Digital Research Technologies scanner at a garage sale for 5 bucks. she said it would work! HH believed her…at any rate, i went to DR Tecnologies and found this page
…just how much of this junk do i need to download to get my scanner working? I have it plugged into my computer (windows 98 sytem) with printer running out of it. it powers up, but that’s about it.

The reason your scanner doesn’t seem to be working is because you don’t have the accompanying imaging software, which is usually proprietary to the scanner company, to actually scan the images into. This you will have to buy from the manufacturer. According to that website, it is named ScanOffix, for which there is a patch. The cost is minimal, usually 15 bucks plus shipping and handling.

First, check to make sure that 98 properly recognizes the scanner. Look under System in the Control Panel. As long as there isn’t an exclamation point next to it, you’re golden.

If your scanner is not intalled correctly, refer to the website you linked. If your scanner has a serial connection, use the two drivers ending in SER. If your scanner has a parallel connection, you need to download the two files that end in EPP. You will need both files from whichever driver you choose. Together they make the full driver.

The other stuff to download is only there for “special” scanners. If your scanner is USB, then you need to download just DRUSBCABLE. Likewise, 30EPP, 30HREPP, and 36EPP you would need only if your scanner specifies it is a scanner along those lines.

just cheked the bottom and fond that it was a model 1200CE

1230254 08-20-98 13:38 Scanner/SETUP.EXE
7936 07-17-98 15:18 Scanner/SCANNER.SYS
14596 05-29-98 11:44 Scanner/pvusd.dll
21052 05-25-98 16:00 Scanner/PV8630.sys
1789 08-20-95 10:37 Scanner/pv8630.INF
828 08-20-95 13:40 Scanner/osr2.1/pvosr2.INF
18480 05-29-98 13:44 Scanner/osr2.1/PVosr2.sys
1393 08-20-95 10:42 Scanner/GENE.INF
4786 07-24-98 15:45 Scanner/InstallUSB.txt

1301114 9 files
i downloaded this junk from somewhere. will this get my scanner working, complete with an icon? also, it is in winzip. how would i get it into a program format?