Need to know about Emmanuelle in Bangkok

The movie starts in 45 minutes and I want to know in less than 20 minutes if it has ANY violence at ALL, cause I want to see it with my 12 year old daughter who has seen Debbie Does Dallas, Shocking Asia III, and Saving Ryan’s Privates and likes sexy movies, but i’ll put up with BDSM, leather fetish, anal, bukkake, and tentacle porn but NO VIOLENCE! :slight_smile:

It’s completely kid safe as regards violence, but the Lord’s name is taken in vain on at least two occasions during one of the anal rape scenes. If she is mature enough to understand that the actors aren’t really blaspheming, merely reading from a script, then I think she’ll be OK.

Emmanuelle in Bangkok has only one anal rape scene. You’re thinking of Emmanuelle in Rio. Emmanuelle in Bangkok is the one with the pony.

I got a catch in my throat as our beautiful French heroine took on all comers. And I do mean comers. And I do mean all. With no regard to race, color, creed, nationality, or number of limbs (everyone remember the Guamanian guy? Sure you do!)

Your kid will learn that, if Emmanuelle can welcome them all in her coochie, surely you can let them all into your school.

It is Shaving Ryan’s Privates!

I was this close to getting whooshed…

(Say, where can I get this movie? Preferably on DVD?)

Alas, it’s not available right now, even on ebay :frowning:

Although several of Laura Gemser’s fine films have been released on DVD, after doing a thorough Amazon search it appears that this masterpiece has yet to be made available.

A letter-writing campaign is definitely in order, IMO.

Does she do any cannibalistic zombies? says they have it available.

Warning! This site is not safe for work! Well, the opening page appears safe, but once you enter the site there are numerous screenshots and video covers.

After entering their site, click on the link marked “exploitation and sleaze”. The first thing to appear on the will be a nude photo of Ms. Gemser. Emmanuelle in Bangkok is listed further down the page.

Hmmm… Looks like an interesting place, I may do some shopping around.

Yeah, Emmanuelle sure does catch in the throat.

And we all know how much little girls love ponies! This is the sort of detail that makes the Emmanuelle movies popular with the whole family.

Moving this to Cafe Society.

I’m not sure if this is a brilliant ploy to diffuse a parody flaming or if we have a category 9 mod-whoosh - either way this made me laugh out loud.

Czarcasm dear, I think you need another cup of coffee. :slight_smile: But this sure made me smile too.

Let the record show that this parody thread was originally posted to the BBQ Pit.

Well, now that we’re respectable, anyone want to share their thoughts on D’Amato’s unique use of lighting and camera angles?

No? Then how about boobies?

While I’m at it, let the record also show that I don’t have any children, and if I did, I wouldn’t really be filling their days with porn.

And let the record also show that Sylvia Kristel was the REAL Emmanuelle. :cool:

hey, there’s a church near my office that proudly announces it’s Assembly of Emmanuelle! I’m really trying to work up the courage to go in and find out what it’s all about!

(I’m being serious here, there really is an Emmanuelle church in downtown Singapore. Can any christian-types who also enjoy a bit of adult entertainment elighten an ignorant atheist?).

Here I was about to make a snotty nitpick reply when I checked and found out you’re right: Sylvia Kristel was in fact the real Emmanuelle, while Laura Gemser had to settle for only one ‘m’ as Emanuelle.

Laura’s still my favorite, though.