Recommend Erotic/Softcore films

My wife and I have decided that straight-up porn isn’t right for couple’s viewing. Doesn’t do anything for her, basically.

What we’re looking for is hot, steamy, etc. films that aren’t just people banging. The old “Red Shoes Diaries” are in the neighborhood of the right idea. Could be even more explicit than those (the Red Shoes having been intended for broadcast).

Needless to say, the films that are door-opens-to-pizza-guy-in-too-tight-shirt-while-the-silicone-enhanced-blonde-accidentally -drops-the-money-to-boing-chicka-bow-bow music is too far.


Not to say the acting’s particularly good, but Play Time stands out as being particularly hot and fairly uninhibited without being overtly graphic. Plus, Jennifer Burton is absolutely smokin’ (though the rest of the cast isn’t bad either).

Misty Mundae in Spiderbabe. TRUST ME.

Two Moon Junction… Sherilyn Fenn… mmmm…

I was going to recommend this one.


Crash is way hotter. :wink:

I’ve heard “These Bases are Loaded” is a good one.

Maybe films by director Tinto Brass, such as Trasgredire (Transgressions).

You rang?

Let’s see…I can think of:

When Night is Falling (More romantic, though it’s pretty erotic)
Wild Orchid (I prefer the unrated version. Yow.)
The Lover (Oscar nominated. Plus, I checked…the actress was 19.)
Henry & June (Also Oscar nominated)
Original Sin (Unrated version. With Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas.)
Firelight (Erotic content is sure there, but there’s not a lot of it. The rest of it is cold rooms and corsets. LOTS of corsets. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)
Better than Chocolate (Pretty much ibid. Except no corsets.)

So true, yet so wrong nonetheless.

“Delta of Venus” was pretty hot.

While Videodrome and Crash are great (if creepy) films, I sure wouldn’t recommend either to someone looking for softcore.

You rang?

Let’s see…I can think of:
Henry & June (Also Oscar nominated)

Can I add my TWO THUMBS UP for these two?

Hey guys, I reviewed Crash once, back when I was the second-best writer on a two-person team of movie reviewers. Seems I didn’t find it all that hot, but I was probably missing something.


Oooooohh, yeah.

Well, there are the classics:

9½ Weeks
Wild Orchid
Body Heat
The Last Seduction
Final Analysis

Some newer stuff, that isn’t really softcore porn but are very sexual:

Swimming Pool
Laurel Canyon
The Weight of Water

I was never a fan of Michael Douglas or Sharon Stone as erotic leads, but if you are maybe:

Basic Instinct
Fatal Attraction

James Spader and Linda Fiorentino both made a career of erotic films. (Though never together.) I’ve only seen a few, but reading through their imdb listings is like walking down a softcore porn aisle at the video store.

I’d offer Crash as good, if a bit strange. Ditto with Secretary. Spader is a freak. The fact that Holly Hunter and Maggie Gyllenhal are the respective female leads in those two films is excellent casting, IMO.

I must also heartily endorse Secretary, which isn’t exactly softcore, but is certainly erotic. I rented this flick with my wife to pass the evening time while holing up in a Bar Harbor B&B during an October rain storm. I certainly expected weird, but not life-affirmingly hot weird. I mean, this is a sweet and romantic dom. flick, which I thought quite impossible, as my personal tastes don’t stray very far from the conventional. Very pleasantly surprised was I.

::feverishly takes notes::