Need video capture program

Anyone have a video capture program they reccomend? I just need tp capture what’s on-screen. Want the simplest program I can find. I am running Windows Vista, with plenty of power to spare so it shouldn’t chug too badly no matter what.

It would be useful for this board to have a tech forum.

For free, try camstudio

For decent options and many features try Snatit (for small length vids) or Camtasia, both products of

Since Hypercam 3 came out, they’ve nicely made HyperCam 2 available for free.

I’ll try hypercam. Cam studio wouldn’t record from the game. It was only recording the mouse movements. Presumably it doesn’t work well with 3d.

If you need to record games, FRAPS is the standard tool.

There are supposedlyfree alternatives too, but I haven’t tried any of them.