Recommend a good video screen capture utility

I have a need to be able to capture my screen to a video format (Flash, AVI, MP4, not picky but it needs to be shareable, not something proprietary).

I’ve looked at Camtasia but don’t care for the price tag, and at CamStudio but haven’t been impressed with its performance.

Any other suggestions?

I like HyperCam myself. And then you can use VirtualDub to encode it to any format your little heart desires.

Oh, and if you’re doing this primarily in Windows office/internet programs, consider Wink instead. Instead of recording a video, it takes screenshots whenever you click something, the screen changes, etc., and then makes an animated Flash out of it. It usually loads faster and has better image quality than videos.

And if you’re recording games or movies, you instead want Fraps.

Applian Technologies sell a number of products to do this sort of thing, and they are not too pricey. This might be the one you want (or possibly something else they make).