Need your help please. [Identifying a music video]

Hello, I am a first time user and will try to keep it short and thank you for your patience. I am trying to identify a 80’s music video that got heavy play on MTV. I can’t remember the band or the song and have tried every kind of search imaginable.

The band was your typical 80"s synth band. Can’t recall what any of the members looked like or any part of the name but I keep going back to The Pet Shop Boys but can’t find the video after searching but same type of 80’s dance music.
The video; the video revolves around a room full of school children, boys and girls if I remember correctly, and they are all wearing plain white night shirts. The children are next to their beds which are lined up on the wall in a row, dormitory setting, on their knees with their hands folded in prayer. There are several nuns in the background in full black and white headdress.
As the video progresses, the school children are on their beds and in front of the beds engaged in some somewhat suggestive synchronized dance moves which if I recall, upsets the nuns.
I am 58 years old and consider myself sort of an expert on 80’s music ( you should see my cassette collection) but for the life of me can’t recall the artist or song related to this video.
I keep going back to The Pet Shop Boys “It’s a sin” but have searched their videos and that’s not it. Maybe the original video was banned?. If it was, I can’t find it anywhere.
I even found a video of a live performance of the song and the band has nuns on stage in the background. And oh ya, it’s not a Madonna tune either.
Anyway, I have reached the end of my rope on this and would appreciate any help that you could provide. I will visit on a daily basis to check for replies and answer promptly.
Thank you in advance for your patience and your help.

This Pet Shop Boys movie

is all i could find that even came close.

Dale, thanks for your help. I scrubbed through the film and didn’t see the scene that I’m speaking of. Maybe I’m barking up the wrong pet shop tree.
Thanks for your time.

I’ve made your title a bit more descriptive

Thank you. Still stuck in the 80’s as far as computer skills.

Taking a shot: Total Eclipse of the Heart has kids in white in a classroom.

Quimby, I wasn’t familiar with the video so I took a look and although I appreciate your help, that’s not it.

I know exactly what music video you’re talking about, but I can’t remember the band either. I shall rack my brains all day.

Great, at least now I know that it wasn’t just a dream that I had.
Thanks for thinking about it.

For whatever reason, this interested me and I researched it. I did find this. There is a photo to go along with the description:

Was it a male or female singing? If female, was she the only female, or was it a female group?

Helping us narrow down the band would help greatly.

Yeah, that one seems to link to the video embedded here, but it’s not allowed in my geographic region (US.) It’s made by “Sydney Graphic Design.”

I’ve included the link to a video I found on a Russian website. Click at your own peril. ( is a Russian social network cite. I have no reason to believe it’s malicious, but be forewarned.)

The video seems to match the OP’s description, except it’s a single nun. The rest sounds pretty much right on.

Wow! You people are the best! Thank you so much for helping me out. Like I said, it’s my first time on this site but for some reason I knew that I had come to the right place. Looks like I had just about everything correct but just couldn’t find the video.
Thank you to everyone for saving this old man from going to his grave with one last nagging question.
Anything I’ve ever done, anything I’m gonna do, everyplace I’ve ever been, everywhere I’m going to, it’s a sin.
Thanks again for your time and interest.