Needed: Pictures of Inventions

As you can probably gather from reading the title of this thread, I am looking for pictures/sketches of inventions and, if it is possible, pictures of the inventors and/or recognizable scientists.

I am doing a project on Science and Technology and I have pretty much found everything I need to cover today’s technology. All that is left for me to acquire is the older stuff such as sketches by DaVinci (his ornothopter or drawing of anatomy), pictures of the first telephones, screwdrivers… spearheads even! I need things like that and even old inventions from any era. Basically anything that looks cool, or extravagant. Graphical interpretations of spacetime or geometric disections of everyday objects!

I would prefer if the drawings were authentic-like, sketched and not revamped by computers. Old, browned photographs, you know? Paintings of the great inventors.

If anyone can direct me to any picture intensive websites devoted to such things it would be much appreciated. Ive tried and I cannot seem to find the types of invetions/pictures I am looking for.

Thanks VERY much for your time and effort.


Try . It’s a search engine for graphic files.