Needs help choosing a name

Here goes,

I was born Khan Richards, have no problem with the surname, and have been sternly advised not to touch it. However I have never been fond of my given names. Through childhood and high school I didn’t go to great lengths to hide them, but have since gone under the name Doug, which was given to me as a nickname by a group of friends, and stuck.

I like Doug, William or James and was going to use the latter as a middle name. However a number of friends don’t like the name Doug at all, and suggested James as a first name instead.

I’m starting a new job soon, and have realised that if I don’t change it now, my professional reputation will be built on the name I detest. Using a nom de plume isn’t an option.

So, what I’m asking is what you think. Douglas James Richards, James Douglas Richards, James William Richards, or any other middle names that go with James Richards. Or something else all together.

Don’t want to get into the whole parental debate, my mother thinks I’m committing treason. And if you like the name Khan, by all means give it to your son, I personally can’t stand it.


Of the ones you listed, I like James Douglas Richards the best.

Your friends won’t have to live with the name, you will. If they don’t like Doug, but you do, they can go pound sand.

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever known recently died, way too early and way too suddenly, of pancreatic cancer. He was named Doug, so I’m going to vote for Doug.

You are used to Doug and people know it already. You only get a few goodwill name changes in your life before people start thinking you are just being fussy, so I’d stick with Doug unless you have some more compelling reason than “my friends think its dumb.”

I think Douglas James Richards rolls off the tongue better than the other options.

If you usually go by Doug, then keep that one. You already answer to it. Not much weirder than someone calling you by a name that doesn’t get your attention. Douglas James sounds fine. I wish more people would change their name, I sure would if my parents had named me something stupid.

I prefer thinking of it as a nom de guerre and a casual “Call me Doug,” when needed will smooth everything and let you keep the Trekkies and your mom (is she a Trekkie?) happy.

Thanks. Haha she may well have been in another life. You’d think so judging by the fanatical reaction I got upon telling her I might change it!

Well, I can’t blame you for wanting to change it. By the third jerk doing his Shatner impression I would no longer be responsible for my actions.


I’d just go without a middle name: since people are already used to calling you Doug, then Doug (or Douglas) it is.

Ken instead of Khan. Kenneth James Richards.

Don’t go without a middle name, it has the potential to make government forms more difficult to fill out in the future. James Douglas Richards or James Elliott Richards has a nice ring to it, if you’re going with a non-Dougy first name. But I think you should stick with Doug since you’re used to that. In which case I’d recommend Douglas Ryan Richards. Or Douglas Elliott Richards.

I don’t like Douglas James Richards, it’s not sufficiently mellifluous. I also don’t like the name William much at all because it has lame nicknames like Willy, Billy, and Bill (although Will is an acceptable moniker).

I haven’t made it too well known as of yet, was more testing the water but point taken.

I was told, “you missed the Doug boat by some 50 years” was all!

So you’ll have an unusual new name instead of your unusual old name. So what? What’s important is that you like it.

(And incidentally, I’d go with Douglas Adams Richards, myself. Or maybe Douglas MacArthur Richards if you want to really freak people out).

James Douglas, because then if u want to make some1 feel special, u can say ‘…but you can call me JD’. ‘DJ’ sounds like a boy name, but ‘JD’ is cool. In the process of picking out a new one myself, so this ain’t as trivial as it sounds. Just yesterday, a court ruled that the wackos who named their kids after Hitler & other Nazis will lose custody of all 3 kids. I swear, looking back at my parents & how they picked a name for their 1st kid, I gotta wonder if every1 in the 60s was dropping acid.

I’m a William and, despite the compulsive need of some people to create nicknames out of it, think it’s a fine first name.

I like Douglas James, but have you considered Douglas Khan? OTOH if you really hate it you should just drop it.

How do you pronounce Dpsnz? :slight_smile:

How about Dougall? :slight_smile:

My vote is for Douglas James. I think you should stick to the name people are already used to.