Neighbor's dog dilemma

Ok, here goes:
I recently just moved into a new apartment building that is, let’s just say, slightly undesirable. Being that the people here are shady at best, I’ve come to sort of keep to myself. However, my next door neighbors are increasingly annoying me. How, you ask?

They have six dogs in a two bedroom apartment and every time one of them is out, it barks, whines, yelps, etc. the entire time. In fact, just last night, the pit bull was out all night, in the rain, wind, and 55 degree weather. I wasn’t even mad; I just felt so bad for the poor dog. Oh, if only you’d have heard the pitiful animal.

Now, this may seem like a petty thing and I like to think of myself as a patient person, but I have to be at work by 4:30 a.m. and I just cannot deal with this any longer. So, in an effort to solve my dilemma, I contacted the managment office to file a complaint. The response?

“Well, we can’t do anything about it since they’re paying to have the animals. You can call animal control on them, though.”

This is where I’m sorta stuck. I don’t want to deal with this, but I also don’t want to have a feudal war with the neighbors. I also don’t want the animals to end up being euthanized since they’re all pretty old and ugly, haha.

Any suggestions could help out here.

Oh, and I have asked them to keep them under control, but I got a basic “Yeah, whatever.” response.

It depends on the animal control system in your city. Most will allow you to make an anonymous complaint. Many, however, do not operate at night, and a call in the evening will send the cops over to check on the noise level. The cops might not value your privacy as much.

If the dog is out in the rain, it is considered not sheltered from the elements, and THAT is against animal cruelty laws just about everywhere.

Are there no animal limits in your town? Check your ordinances - 6 dogs in an apartment sounds like it would be over any ordinances I’ve seen. In that case, it falls back on the apartment manager.

Earplugs seem to me to be the only solution.

You and the dogs are not compatible. The dogs aren’t leaving unless the city impounds either the dogs or the people. Neither of those events are real likely no matter what you do, and for sure neither will happen until / unless you make yourself a real pain to the city, which in turn will make you a real pain to your neighbors. The latter is something you want to avoid, an perhaps even need to avoid for your safety).

Seems to me there is just one way out of the trap. Move.