Reeeally Gotta Get This Off My Chest

Now, I’m not the sort of person to start a thread, certainly not in the Pit, but I desperately need to get this rant off my chest, lest I start stabbing random people in the street.

My girlfriend and I live in a nice suburban house with neighbours [as do most people], yet the incompetent twits on the left own two greyhound dogs.

At first the dogs were fine. Hardly made a sound. Then the owners started leaving them locked in their cages while they went off doing whatever it is they do [mostly getting drunk].
So the dogs started barking. Frequently. Extremely loudly. Their cages are right next to our bedroom window.

It was bearable still.

Then they started barking and howling ALL day and ALL fucking night. It’s gotten to the point that this morning I went outside [in my bra and undies, mind you…I was that pissed off] stood at the fence and screamed “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, SHUT THE FUCK UP!” then went back inside and fumed for a few hours.

It’s gotten so bad that I have been calling up the council to complain about the noise - still no action being taken. Would calling the police do anything to help at all? I doubt it.

My girlfriend works shifts and needs her sleep - yet she is constantly being woken up by howling.

To the motherfuckers next door: I hope your dogs bite your heads off, eat your remains and then piss the fuck off so that we can finally get some sleep! :mad:

  1. free dogs from cages.
  2. feed dogs mixture of ex-lax and Valium.
  3. help dogs climb into offender’s house through window.

Actually i feel your pain; the dogs don’t deserve this treatment and neither do you. And no, I don’t REALLY condone drugging dogs- but it’d sure be fun to hear the conversation- “Hey, Rex broke in the bathroom window, shit all over everything, and passed out on the couch! What’s all that about?”


In the U.S. anyway, you are within your rights to call the police and the neighbors could be warned and then eventually charged with disturbing the peace not to mention animal cruelty. Yes, the cops should be brought into this.


You also have the option to sue them.

Where I grew up, it was not unheard of for people to handle problems like this by drugging or shooting the dogs in question.

Hi Broken Doll. The BCC (that’s Brisbane City Council, for the pitiful minority of dopers who are not fellow Brisvegans, ;)) is usually very good about this sort of thing. Get on the phone and keep complaining till they do something, as I’m pretty sure they will. If they don’t, post again and we’ll see what we can do. Lord Jim (our local mayor, for the minority of dopers etc) passed some pretty strong ordinances about this sort of bullshit pretty recently.

The ordinances are very strict but if it’s anything like Logan, you’ll need a diary of disturbances.

Just keep on whinging to the council. IME it takes a while but once you prove your case they’re pretty good at sorting it out.

Poor doggies! Can’t we just drug or shoot their owners instead?

I don’t want to harm the DOGS, considering it’s not their fault that they are locked up all day and night in tiny cages.

I guess I’ll just have to keep hassling the council.

By the way, I’m in the Pine Rivers area, if that helps any.

I don’t know if things work the same way in Australia as they do here in the US, but I’ll offer this to see if maybe you can do the same thing.

The vast majority of greyhounds here are ex-racing dogs who are adopted out to people through placement groups. Most of these groups have the new owners sign a contract which states that the owner can no longer keep the dog, or if there are violations of the contract terms (and I would think that the treatment these dogs are being subjected to is abusive and probably covered by the contract), the placement group has the right to reclaim and rehome the dogs.

Is it possible that these people got their dogs this way? A call to your local placement group, even if they did not place the dogs, might bring about some help before for yourself and the dogs. I can give you contact info for Australian groups if you think that would help.

In the US most people either adopt pets from the animal shelter or buy purebreed animals.

You need to call your local division of the Humane Society or ASPCA. They can tell you how to go about taking whatever steps necessary, or if they see fit, they may intervene the situation themselves.

Our animal control department gets more calls about barking dogs than about anything else. I know that they can be astonishingly annoying.

Definitely keep a diary: this will help in any enforcement action. If you have a tape recorder, it can be very useful to tape the barking when it occurs.

There’s one solution you haven’t mentioned yet: have you talked with the neighbors? Tell them politely that the barking of their dogs is keeping you up, and can they do something about it? Suggest that they move the kennels to another location in the house (if they’re outside, this may be a problem). Document the date and time that you spoke with them and the results of the conversation. Send them a follow-up letter reiterating what you talked about and describing any agreement you may have reached. Keep a copy for yourself and Cc: it to local animal control.

Stay polite through the whole process, even when you file a complaint with animal control. The poor folks who enforce noise complaints have a miserable job, and yelling at them isn’t likely to make them more willing to help you. Have tons of evidence for them by the time you bring them anything.

Chances are good that they’re not breaking any animal cruelty laws: at least in most US jurisdictions, as long as an animal has adequate food, shelter, and water, the owner isn’t neglecting her. The noise issue, however, is a different kettle of fish.


I’m with romansperson on this one!

Yes, filing a nuisance complaint with your local authorities will probably be helpful. But concurrently, please do call your local greyhound adoption group. (They might not be too hard to find - I understand there are not many in Australia yet.)

Of course your neighbors may have “adopted” their dogs straight from the track, but if there was an adoption group involved, they would be extremely concerned about this unhappy situation. In most cases, there should be a contract in place about providing good (not just adequate) care to the dogs, or else the group can ask for them back. Prior to taking such action, though, I imagine they would want to talk to the owners and try to help them fix the situation.

Even if the local group was not involved, I think they’d want to know about this and try to help. Though greyhound adoption people tend to be overwhelmed with the number of dogs needing help, they also really hate to see any grey left in a bad situation.

I’m a greyhound person myself, and a member of a big greyhound listserv where there are several Aussie group representatives. If you’d like info. on getting in touch with them, maybe I can help.

(And by the way, since this is the Pit… Stupid bastard irresponsible selfish piece of shit dog owners suck!) :mad:

I’m on the same listserv as 12hazel, just ask us if you want help. It would be wonderful to see both you and the dogs find some relief from this situation. The dogs are doing what they are doing because they are lonely and stressed. Not a good situation for anyone.

Well, it’s not the owners themselves who are bothering the OP. After the owners would be killed off, their dogs would still be howling.

Hey Primaflora, are you talking about Logan, OHIO?! My best friend used to live and work there!

Or, you could just chill out…