Neighbors leaving puppy in yard. What can I do about this?

Several other people’s yards abut onto ours. The residents have been leaving a puppy in one of them. It looks like a pit bull, maybe 2 or 3 months old. It is on a maybe 5 foot long leash. It has a small table to hide under and what looks like a water bowl, but no food. It is out there barking and whining sometimes all day. I assume they only leave it out when they aren’t home, because my boyfriend has attempted to talk to them about it a couple times when he’s seen it out and they don’t answer the door. The people in the house immediately next to them said they didn’t even know there was anybody living there. We have been getting a lot of thunderstorms lately and I’m worried that the thing will drown, not to mention it being terrified.
What do you think would be our best course of action? I don’t know how much the Humane Society or whatever would do here, and I’d rather not start a neighborhood war, but clearly the puppy is miserable.

Is it super hot there? In some places, animal control or the humane society will confiscate dogs that aren’t being taken care of.

I have even heard of private groups that take calls of dogs in poor situations, and take water/food/shelter to them.

Sounds like the type of people who think it would be cool to get a dog just to get a dog.

It does get super hot here (Louisiana) but I haven’t seen it outside on the ridiculously hot, triple digit days. I’m not sure if it qualifies as abuse or not, more like borderline neglect. A lot of people have outside dogs around here, but they are usually older dogs and have actual doghouses.

Have you looked up your county/city’s regulations online? When I google “(my county name) animal regulations”, it takes me straight to a page that lists shelter requirements for keeping dogs outside. In our area, that means having a doghouse that is properly ventilated, of an appropriate size for the dog, with nonabsorbent bedding.

Call the humane society. It’s their job to handle abuse and neglect complaints, and they will be able to tell you whether there’s anything they can do or not. They can give you information and direct you to the right person to call, if nothing else.

And the reason you don’t even bother to try is…

Sounds like a typical pit bull owner. I’ll get the toughest/meanest breed to show everyone what a bad ass I am then forget it’s a living creature that needs to be taken care of.

These people should get the treatment they give their dogs (eg chained up for great lengths of time in bad conditions, little to no food/water etc).

In many places, it is illegal to tie a dog up period, some you can tie them out for 3 hours - it just depends. Please call animal control and find out what they can do.

Your neighbor isn’t a dog lover, just a dog owner. Do what you can to protect him.

good luck.

Louisiana’s law regarding tie-outs is at LSA-R.S. 14:102.26. There may be more restrictive ordinances in your city (or parish if you aren’t within city limits).

The statutes regarding animal cruelty are aggregated here.
If you’re pretty sure it’s some kind of pit bull, you could call your local breed-specific rescue and see if they have any suggestions. Otherwise, if it were me, I’d call the Humane Society.

IANyourL, this isn’t legal advice, etc., etc.

It rained today and they have taken the puppy inside. So that’s good, at least it didn’t drown. That was really my main worry.

I called up the SPCA and they said they can usually remove the animal if it is kept outside without shelter for at least 24 hours, or in extreme weather conditions. They give the owners 5 days to rectify the shelter situation first. Because these folks don’t leave the puppy out all the time and apparently let it inside when it rains “it would probably not be a case of neglect”.


Even if the SPCA says it’s not neglect, there’s a chance these people are violating a city or parish ordinance. If so, they could be ticketed. A hefty fine might be the wake-up call they need to take better care of their dog. It’s worth looking into.


Since when did it become socially unacceptable to leave dogs outside in the USA?

Shit like this makes me feel like society has left me behind.

Wait. You’re worried a dog is going to drown in a thunderstorm? Are you living beside an ark or something?

Yeah, I mean I’ve never even *heard *of flooding in Louisiana before…

Food for thought.

Since you’re in Louisiana, you have one additional local resource that might be able to help: Villalobos.

Even if the situation doesn’t merit Animal Control’s intervention, the Villalobos people might be able and willing to at least talk to the neighbor. They do a lot of good work on behalf of pit bulls. Give them a call (or better yet, an e-mail with an attached picture).

For extended periods? On a 5 ft. leash? Nothing wrong with keeping a dog outside in general, but there are limits to what is comfortable for the dog.

While all dogs are social creatures who need companionship, pit bulls in particular are a people-loving breed – not as independent as sheepdogs, for example. They’re also terrible at guarding, because they’re typically very friendly to strangers.

They also have thin fur and are generally poorly adapted to weather extremes – they’re indoor dogs, really.

So there’s little reason to leave them outside, and they tend to suffer more than some breeds would (not that I recommend leaving any dog alone outside for extended periods of time).

Nevermind I missed the fact the dog was chained instead of in their yard, but it still has shade and water and apparently it isn’t left there for long, Which is quite far from an unsocialized starving neglected animal.

My mistake I hadn’t noticed the post was from March 2012 and 18 inches had… hey wait a minute!

Look the post is from July 2012. July, when Louisiana typically gets 3-8 inches a month. Fuck do I feel stupid now. :rolleyes: