Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere (DVD)

Well, I posted this thread, so I thought you guys might like to know that I’ve bought it and we’ve watched the first episode. It’s really pretty good. Got kind of that British 80s SciFi aesthetic to it, which I adore, the casting is totally different from what I’d expected, but the cast is amazing. And the low budgetness of it just gives it some charm. I AM glad I’ve read the book, otherwise I’d be totally flummoxed. And Croup and Vandemar are delightfully evil.

Can I just pipe in and say that the characters in the book (haven’t seen the tele version) Croup and Vandemar are the creepiest, nastiest entities I’ve ever run across in fiction I believe?
thank you

If you can find it, the book on tape (as read by the star of the series) is amazing. I would also recommend the tape of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, read by the author.

i missed this when it was on TV. BBC was it? i’ll look out for the DVD. i thoroughly enjoyed the bbok, and all the charcters based on tube station names.
ill be interested to see how they deal with the big pig/boar thing at the end. i forget what it was called.

In the mini-series, the Beast of London is played by a cow. A dressed-up cow, but stil, very obviously a cow.

heh-heh…ribbet!! ribbet!! FORE!!! swish-SPLAT!!!


I’ve seen the entire thing. It’s very cool and pretty close to the book. Croup and Vandemar are cast perfectly.

I’ve got the series on VHS. I read the book first, but have seen the video about 4 or 5 times.

The story is very close to the book, but you don’t get as much background information.

I have a question about the book that I can’t remember for sure. I lost my copy a while ago.

Does Islington reveal that Dor’s sister is still alive in the book. When I first saw the video, I thought she hadn’t but it’s been so long, I can’t remember for sure

In the book (which by the way, is based on the mini-series and not the other way around), he writes:


pg. 330 in my edition.

So yep, he/she tells Door, and later, when Door and Richard are parting, she mentions trying to find her sister as a reason why she can’t go with him.[/Spoiler]

I really want to see this… is it worth buying, or should I just keep looking at local libraries and hoping?

The mini-series? I’m loving it, just watching Croup and Vandemar and the Marquis would be well worth the price of admission.