Neverwhere Mini-series

OK. Love Neil Gaiman, read Neverwhere, thought it was terrific. I have Not seen the mini-series yet, and do not plan on buying it so might never see it. However, you know how you visualize people while reading a book right? I just got to wondering how they were represented in film. I tried searching on Google but was unable to find them. I’m really quite curious (assumign Gaiman had any inolvment with choosing the actors) on who he got to play Mr. Croup and Vademar, the Marquis, etc.

I have a thread on it here, you may want to check it out.

Here is the IMDb listing.

And here’s my opinion, so far. I’ve watched the first two.

Richard is played by an actor with what I’ll call a Frodo accent. He kinda looks like Frodo from the LOTR movies. You’d cast him for “Normal Guy.”

Door is played by a cute English chick in kind of the short haired punk chick vein.

The Marquis is played by a black guy who kinda reminds me of The Cat from Red Dwarf. He rocks. He has braid-dread kinda things on the back half of his head and the front half is cut short and dyed white.

Croup and Vandemar are two of the finest casting choices I’ve ever seen. Mr. Croup is a short, fat, greasy man with bad teeth that somehow manages to pull of “extremely menacing.” Mr. Vandemar is tall…solid…and has kind of a “dumb guy” accent. He kind of reminds me of Victor McLaglen.

The Hunter is a short-haired black woman with a deep voice in a Grace Jones sort of way.

Lord Ratspeaker has to be one of the craziest looking guys I’ve ever seen.

Sorry I can’t round up pictures for you (term paper to write), but you can probably google The Cat, Victor McLaglen, and Grace Jones and get a kind of idea of what they look like.

I went Google Image Searching!

Mr. Vandemar and Mr. Croup

The Marquis

Door (the pic makes her look hideous}

Go here, scroll down, you’ll see a picture of Door (slightly better looking), the Hunter, and Richard.