Neither Mundane or Pointless. My grandmother is in the hospital.

My grandmother has been living with us for many many many years. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t live with us. When I was around 8 or 9 she had a stroke and the woman who was full of life changed into someone else. Mentally she was the same but physically different. She was paralysed on her left side and while with therapy she could have regained some mobility she gave up and resigned herself to being in a wheelchair.

On Wed she fell twice while I was at work. My mother and her aide were unable to get her up each time so my mother called the paramedics. Each time she said she was fine and she refused to go to the hospital.

Yesterday morning when she tried to get out of bed she couldn’t. She was in terrible pain from her knee. My mother called the paramedics again and they transported her to the hospital. X-rays came back negative regarding broken bones and they wanted to release her to go home.

My mother asked if they would admit her for a few days to give my mother time to find a rehab center for her. My mother is hoping she will be able to regain her confidence and strength in rehab so she can come home again. This isn’t the first time she fell at home. The last time she sell she was trying to get into the shower with the help of her aide who it seems let her fall and did not try to get her back off the ground. My grandmother now refuses to get into the shower because of her last fall.

The house isn’t the same without her and more importantly my mother is not the same without her mother being around. The main reason I’m still at home is so someone is around for my grandmother and If she can’t come home this will change our family extremely. The women in my family are known for living long lives. Her mother was almost 100 when she died and my grandmother is only in her early 90’s.

Sorry to hear about the situation. Sometimes old life is a bit of a curse, but at least she has a loving and (seemingly) strong support system with your family.

My best wishes go out to you and your family.

MannyL, I wish there was something I could do or say to make things better, but there isn’t. All I can do is say I will remember your grandmother and your family in my prayers.

Is your grandma good with the idea of rehab? If it does help, my grandmother was in rehab for a while, after a fall. She wanted to give up too, but they had really good therapists and got her through it. Afterwards, she did go to a nursing home, but is still mobile at the age of 101. She also has all her mental faculties, writes poetry, and worries about her weight!

Let us know what happens.

My father had a stroke and sadly I can relate to what you say about how it changes a person. The devastation of losing so much independence can be quite a heavy burden for a person.
I hope that your grandmother can trust in rehab again and hopefully get to come back home. My best wishes to you and your family.

Well I found out today that they tried to do an MRI yesterday on my grandmother and she became so nervous that she had breathing diffucilties and they had to put her on oxygen. They want to sedate her today so they can perform the MRI but she doesn’t want to be sedated.

I’ll know more later today

Aw, sorry to hear that she had problems with the MRI. Let us know how things are going.