Neologisms coined by non-literary people

The ones you can trace back to a single person and which have entered the popular lexicon.

Like Justin Timberlake with “wardrobe malfunction.”

What are some other examples?

May I suggest that Urban Dictionary not be quoted as a “source” for any neologism worth discussing? How many per day are we getting these day? :slight_smile:

My first reaction is that many of the everyday ones are from sports and sports reporting, Yogi Berra, and cartoons. I’m going to try to think of some actual examples, but I wanted to put in a vote for a good topic!

Just to get them out of the way…

“d’oh” and “cromulent” from The Simpsons.

Before Seinfeld it was “blah, blah, blah” but running a close second nowadays is “yada, yada, yada” so I guess the issue is more a matter of are Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David “non-literary people”?

Yadda, yadda, yadda was around way before Seinfeld. The master speaks.

Well, dog my cats.

I think we should exclude scriptwriters for our purposes, and comedians as well, since they are all wordsmiths by nature. I would exclude songwriters too. And politicians who have speechwriters - but if they were speaking extemporaneously, that’s different. Yogi Berra is fair game, although as he claims, “I didn’t say half the things I said.” At least I think he said that.

I’ve heard it said that Bill Bellamy coined the tem “booty call”.

I was going to write that Warren G. Harding coined “normalcy”, but I see now that would be wrong.

Boxing manager Joe Jacobs.

I guess neologisms need to be things other than mispronunciations, too. Otherwise, the old Dizzy Dean word “slud” for “slid” as in “Peewee slud into third” might be counted.

The one I hate is “gate” added to the end of any word or phrase to describe or suggest a possible scandal /cover up -
obviously derived from from the original Watergate scandal

in the British press we have so many the latest being “lobbygate”

SamClem == Cecil :eek:

Forget Cecil. samclem is the true master. All bow down before samclem!

Did ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ really not exist before the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson thing?

How about Snoop Dogg and “fo shizzle”?

Does Gary Larson count as a literary person? If not, thagomizer.

“Jack Shit” (as in “I can’t see Jack Shit out there”) has been traced to an underground comic book by Spain Rodriguez, one of his biker stories about the Road Vultures. (Source: The Comics Journal interview with Mike Baron, writer of Nexus and The Badger, back in the 80s.)

Also: “Person of Interest” was coined (by then-Attorney General Janet Reno, IIRC) to describe Richard Jewell of the 1996 Olympic Park bombing. “Person of Interest” was shorthand for “We suspect this person of this heinous act, but lack the evidence to formally accuse him of it. He’s not officially a suspect, wink, wink.” The term was also famously used in regards to Mark Hatfill regarding his possible role in the 2001 Anthrax scares.

Wasn’t that coined by newspaper reporters, though? I would count them as “literary”.