Neophyte erotica writer searching for his way

Hey there,

So I started writing erotic fiction short stories a few years ago, but I just got back into it with the idea that I could really pursue this/possibly create a compilation novel someday.

All I have now is my first “serious” story: a 4,000-word piece I completed over the holidays. From here, I’d like to get some feedback about exposure from those who know how to get their stuff out there:

  • Is there a site where I can post the story and get substantive feedback, and perhaps some meaningful exposure?

  • How “competitive” or hard-to-crack is the written erotica industry?

  • I’ve been published many times as a mainstream journalist, so should I use my byline, or should I create a pen name?

Any other feedback you might have would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Thanks!

Try Literotica. It has lots of resources for writers.

Me, I have no clue …

  1. Absolutely. Subscribe the email list, post your work, give and receive critiques.

  2. There are a lot of people writing the stuff these days. I’ve made it to print, but not as many times as I’d like. So it’s possible.

  3. I write smut, and I *absolutely *use a pen name.

Black Lace Books accepts submissions. They state they only accept work by female authors but I don’t know if that goes beyond a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy.

My favorite is Create an ID there and post what you have written. Create a “disposable” e-mail address at Hotmail or Yahoo so you have a way to leave the identity behind.

Others may disagree, but as a long-time consumer of written erotica, it has basically been obliterated by the Internet and home video. It used to be a steady (if small) source of income for struggling writers in other genres - science fiction especially.

There is a small market for much more specialized novels. Look at the “erotica” shelves at your local big bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble to get an idea. A lot of it looks (to me) like a more explicit version of a Harlequin Romance.

See above. Definitely create a pen name. Anne Rice created two. Stephen King did as well. No shame in it.

There is, sadly, virtually chance that you can make a living writing erotica. I say this because all of my favorite writers of erotica do not, and work other jobs. They write for the love of writing. Start there, and if you get enough response some of the pay sites will approach you for exclusive publishing deals.

You can try searching at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association site. There’s a Call for Submissions page that gives currently open markets.

Use a pen name. Always.