Nerdy tattoos! mk. 2

Currently, my only tat is an acoustic guitar with crazy flames coming off of it on my right shoulder. I think it’s pretty geeky.

But if we’re talking about wanted tattoos…
I want a half sleeve with a fractal as the main part. A koch snowflake, mandebrot set, sierpinski gasket - I don’t really care. Maybe when I get accepted into grad school I’ll start planning it. Also, if I end up doing research that has pretty equations or pictures in it, I could definitely see myself tattooing that on myself.

I’m nudging my husband (a solid state physics grad student) towards getting the symbol for a transistor on him somewhere. He’s considering it.

:eek: I was just going to post that exact thing! Looking at your location I was in your class!

To add to this thread, I have a tattoo of the JRR Tolkein symbol on my ankle.

Aww Hell. Of course it would be that in my first post back here after a year I mispell the name of my favorite author. You know I meant Tolkien.

Do you really have that dragon? A few years ago when all of my friends were getting their tattoos that was the design that I picked out for myself. What a great choice.

It may be nerdy and/or geeky but for lots of people, that isn’t really a bad thing…:wink:

And here’s a link to a pic of mine.

Did you spend your summers at Eagle River, too? :smiley:

Fancy meeting you here! :wink: I wonder if Nick regrets those tattoos.

I’m back with pictures! Forgive the quality (who knew it was so hard to take pictures of your own back???).

For Negativland. (this one is over ten years old and badly in need of touch up)

For Tim Burton. (my only colour one, also in need of touch up)

My namesake!

For Hunter.

I swear, they all look much better than this. Having to crop and resize about fifty times does nothing for picture quality. :frowning:

I have the following tattooed on my calf:

To explore strange new worlds,
To seek out new life, and new civilizations
To boldly go where no man has gone before

In Klingon.

With the Klingon symbol below it.

I’m not a geek. I’m a wicked geek.

I’ve never seen any indication that the symbols used to represent tlhIngan Hol onscreen actually correspond to anything. When was it transliterated?

I know a college math professor who has some equation tattooed on his arm and the symbol for pi on his calf.

That is truely beautiful.

I knew someone who was planning on getting the Rogue Squadron emblem tattooed on his bicep.
Is an Amy Brown faery considered nerdy? Because if I ever get inked, that’s what I’d like to have.

It’s from the Star Trek Encyclopedia, and I’m sure it’s not a true translation. It’s on a page with various examples of different writings. Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, etc.

I’ll see if I can post a picture of it sometime.

Aha. I have the revised edition of the Encyclopedia so I know what you’re talking about. I just never thought about it being a transliteration but that makes sense.

I don’t have any tattoos, but this one is pretty nerdy.

I know others have the Transformers thing going, but I think my friend beats you out. He has a total of 6 tattoos, 3 autobots and 3 decepticons. Full color, each about 10 inches tall on different sides of each calf. Sorry, but I can’t think of which ones.

My BIL has the Denny’s logo on one leg. He really likes Denny’s.

A classmate has the sheep from Wallace and Gromitt on the inside of her upper arm. Wierd tat, weird location.


Does the Hyrule Shield count? :smiley:

It is 12:30 am, and I meant Hylian Shield, but I suck at life.