Nested Quotes not showing up?

I’m sure it’s obvious and I’m just missing it, but when I quote someone’s post that has a quote in it, the nested quote doesn’t show up in my post.

For example, if their post looks like:

Yeah, I totally agree, person I’m quoting.

and I quote them, it’ll come up as

I can’t figure out how to make it look like

Without manually copying and pasting the quote in their post. I’ve tried picking the “quote” button, I’ve tried picking the button with the little plus sign on it THEN the “Post reply” button at the bottom, but neither works.

I’m sure it’s just a setting somewhere that I’m missing, or something perfectly obvious that I’m doing wrong, but…help? Please?

My understanding is that you have to manually nest quotes. In my experience, whenever I’ve replied to a quoted post, the original quote is lost.