Netflix Class Action: Real or Phishing?

I got a form letter asking for my information to receive payment for a class-action lawsuit against Netflix; the letter says that $27 million on cash and gift cards will be distributed to netflix subscribers. Is this for real, or is it a phishing scam?

If they have your address already to send you this letter, and all they are sending out is gift cards, what else could they need from you?

I dunno about the email you got, but the class action is real enough.

If concerned, I’d submit a claim through the process described in this website:

News stories about the claim and the email:

Note that if a significant number submit claims the payout will be minimal …

Yes, I know it’s a zombie, but I just received an email notice that a settlement has been reached in the class action suit. According to this email, the terms of the settlement are as follows:

I’m pretty new to Netflix (I’m sure I wasn’t a member when the suit was filed), so I don’t expect to receive anything. But if I’m reading this right and $30K is going to be split up among all members of the class, well, that’s gonna be what? 10 cents apiece? Less? No idea really, except that it’s not going to be enough to buy a Happy Meal let alone a good steak.

I got that email. Seemed a little iffy, but at least they sent it to the email address I have connected to Netflix. Did some digging, and seems okay. Some links:,1403051,1403727

Pretty sure the Named Plaintiffs are the individuals that brought the original suit, not every member of the class action.

If that’s the case, then they won’t do too bad, but it’s not exactly the lottery for them either. I read in some story that it was filed by two people, so maybe they’ll get 15 grand apiece, and presumably their lawyers will have first call on the money set aside to pay the legal expenses.

Yeah, I opted out. I don’t want any part of another frivolous lawsuit. Plaintiffs get 30k, lawyers get 2 million plus. And it is real.

I got this mail also, and my impression is that it is informative only - except that if you do not want to accept the settlement (to sue on your own) you have to do something.

I have received real cash money (not a ton) as a result from some of the suits resulting from the end of the Bubble. Most of those required that you document when you owned and sold the stock in question. Fortunately, we keep good records.